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Why did they need to get rid of him?
Saturday, August 07, 2004
  Perhaps he was in the way? Ralph Winstanley was an old man. He was becoming a bit frail. He had been given Chemotherapy from the 5th to the 10/11th April. He was trying to recover.

He thought he was being helped to recover.

In his fuddled state, after 4-hourly-doses of Oramorph, which had already been going on since the 14th April, he was a bit of a pushover, by the 18th April.

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Why would they do that?

For money?

For real estate?

What could an old man have done?

Why did they get rid of him then? Didn't sound as if he'd live too long anyway.

What happened to fear of the Lord?

I'm right there with you.

its blatantly obvious that youre, at the least, slightly insane. the guy was 83! people of that age have a long history of dying. what sort of conspiracy are you suggesting? because it must be pretty massive if the south yorkshire police force and the doncaster nhs trust have colluded. It strikes me as absurd. are you unemplyed? if so, and i suspect you are, i sugest getting a job, or at least a hobby other than peddling complete rubbish to anyone unfortunate enough to notice. as for your websites being closed down, you were completely unfairly abusing people for doing their jobs. How can the poilce be expected to launch a huge investigation into the death of every single elderly person?
Knowing you of old as I do I am sure you will treat the comment from 'Anonymous' with the contempt it deserves.
Obviously he/she has either not read the material on the site properly or is merely one of those tiresome
'flamers'(or whatever the latest name for them is)who seem to infest every part of the internet these days.

Dave Roberts
That guy above must be sooo young. Doesn't he realise that people can live into their century - and do - now?
If someone can be helped to die at 83 - even if he didn't expect to die.. that's the start of a slippery slope. 83 this year, 79 next year.. And the year after that? Pretty soon anyone over 30 will be for the chop. Or over 29, 28, 27, 26. I won't go on. Wouldn't want to bore you.

Good luck.

Joe Antonio (Ca)
Clearly you are quite deranged....you are accusing innocent people of crimes that they have not committed on the world wide web....you are incessantly cruel...where have you been for the last numerous years since you have been estranged from your father??? You didn`t like each other at all...yet now he has died,you have surfaced again!!Just goes to prove the old saying,"Where there`s a Will,there`s a relative!"
Have you not yet tired of writing comments in support of yourself on this ridiculous website??
I feel extremely sorry for you,yes,you have lost your father,for which I am very sad for you...but it would appear you have also lost your marbles!!! Get real,your Father was a desperately ill man who died at 83...get over it and accept it,because that is the truth and fact of the matter!!!
I note that 'Anonymous' does not say how exactly he/she knows what is the 'truth and fact of the matter'. Is the lady/gentleman involved in all this in some way? Or is she/he possessed of psychic powers?

Bryan Mellor
For Bryan Mellor:- I know this is the truth and fact of the matter because I know the Post Mortem gave the result of DEATH BY NATURAL CAUSES - a fact Charlotte peters Rock has decided not to disclose!!...what can be more conclusive than that??? You do not know what has happend and are not in full possession of the facts,so keep your opinions to yourself!!! This site is full of untruths... Charlotte has been given answers to her questions, but to put the truth down wouldn`t make for a very good case for her would it??
certain people are listening to the ramblings of a mad woman...if they choose to believe them,then that is up to them...but the truth will win out in the end and Mrs Peters Rock will be taken to task for the harassment and slander of innocent people....and through the appropriate channels...not through a fairy tale website!!!
Ah! So you are involved. I thought as much. Please do not tell me to keep my opinions to myself. I am as entitled to them as you are, and as we all are. If you do have insider knowledge on all this, why are you hiding behind the cloak of anonymity? Why not let us know who you are? After all, Charlotte has nailed her colours to the mast. Why don't you?
Bryan Mellor
If the death was indeed by Natural Causes why has the body not yet been released for burial? Who is holding this up? Charlotte or the authorities?

To Anon: You are coming across as distinctly rattled. Wonder why?

Winston Pitt
Anon: Where did you study English? One exclamation or question mark only please, not multiples!!!!!!!

The Punctuation Police.
You will notice that the nastiest comments are those of Anonymous. I always find anonymous comment interesting, don't you? Now who would be sending such comment?

Who would be in the position to state, falsely as it happens, that I had been estranged from my father, the late Ralph Winstanley, for 20 years? Could it be Nina Clayton? Estranged, is certainly a word which she seems to use a lot. But I could be barking up the wrong tree. It could be one of her friends, who must have heard it a lot, and is now using it, either on their own or on her behalf.

If you would like to see just how estranged I was from my father, do take a look at the photograph of Ralph, Charlotte and Linda, which was taken when he invited me to his 80th Birthday. It is up on the main site and has appeared in numerous newspapers. Do we look estranged?

As I recall, that party was where many friends of Nina Clayton came up to me and said they were, "Glad the estrangement was over". I said, "What estrangement. My father and I have never been estranged".

All of this was said well away from where my father was sitting and I thought no more about it. . except that the word estrangement, keeps filtering through my head.

What an odd word for so many people to use. It is not nomally in the general vocabulary of anyone else I know. What do you think?

Charlotte Peters Rock - elder daughter of Ralph Winstanley
Well whoever 'anonymous' might be he or she is definitely involved in this in some way. The note of hysteria and panic is very noticeable.

Dave Roberts
Or could it just be that they are rather annoyed at things being said which aren`t true? Just a thought.
Jane Peters
"Things which are being said which aren't true?" (see posting above by Jane Peters.)

Now there's a thought. As anyone reading through the whole site will see, I have tried to back up, as far as possible under the circumstances, the things which I am writing. There are letters on the site, which you can see, are copied as photographs, so that you can see that I am not making things up.

When this comes into a criminal court, I have plenty more.

There is also a new posting which will be on the site this afternoon. (main site at the top - http://www.ralphwinstanleyofwath.blogspot.com)This seems to back up the fact that Nina Anne Clayton took over my father, Ralph Winstanley's affairs, within a very short time of 'marrying' him. Now how would she do that, I wonder? Watch this space. More explanation will follow.
Charlotte Peters Rock
Jane Peters,

You're missing my point. If the shadowy 'anonymous'is involved in this case he/she should say so, and also reveal who he or she is. If he/she 'knows' that untrue things are being said, why the need for anonymity? Can 'anonymous' prove that these untrue things are being said? If so can he/she do it and still remain 'anonymous'?

Dave Roberts
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