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Why did they need to get rid of him?
Saturday, December 04, 2004
  Did the woman come back from her cruise? It seems she did. How do I know?

Oh, yes, that's easy. I know because of the phone call. It was made to my sister..well, not quite.

It was made to my sister's telephone. When her grandaughter answered, a woman's voice asked for my sister's husband, by his first name.

The woman stated, I am a friend of your late father-in-law. If you don't stop this.. Then she slammed the phone down

She didn't leave her name. Does that count as anonymous?

Not terribly anonymous. After all, how many people, who might have been a friend of my sister's husband's late father-in-law, actually know the first name of my sister's husband? (Keep up. Keep up. Are you following this?)

Only a handful, I would think. So who made the call? We'll be able to check the voice sometime.

So, that should be interesting.

I suppose the cruise must be over.

Does that mean that the widow is working on making up a Christmas funeral? Well, I do hear it's possible. Of course what I hear, could be wrong.. as could the other information about the inquest.

How would I know? I am but a poor simple elder daughter of Ralph Winstanley. How would I know?

I do hear that there is a mention of Penningtons; Martin Pennington, The Litigator, and his elder brother, Paul Pennington, The Director, Secretary and Litigator, this Sunday, 5th December, 2004, on The Politics Show, BBC1. It's on, so I'm told at around 12 noon. That could be wrong, of course. I am never quite certain of the information I get. Life's a yo-yo.

Charlotte Peters Rock
(Elder daughter of Ralph Winstanley.
I personally made up both this web site and the flyers, which asked for more information on the latter years of his life.. and also asked about what happened to him. Anonymous phone calls, (from idiots), notwithstanding, it seems a bit silly to blame my sister, for things I have done.. don't you think? Really, she's had a bad enough time; watching her father be 'helped ' to die; and having to suffer the nastiness of Nina..wouldn't you think? I certainly think so.. and I have found her to be extremely nasty.)
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