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Why did they need to get rid of him?
Wednesday, July 06, 2005
  Morality is a small, quiet word So, off we went to meet the lovely Senior Investigating Officer (you understand, I use this term extremely loosely, since he has done absolutely nothing, by way of investigating - in over 14 months?)

I parked my dogs and car, in the torrential downpour.(about which more later), and went in to meet Detective Superintendent Robert Haworth and Detective Inspector Ray Turnbull, at Mexborough Police Station

My sister, (another Daughter of the Departed), had arranged to meet the police, since they had spent more than 14 months not arranging to see her and take her Statement..

Detective Superintendent (ah! I do like the importance of that title!) Robert Haworth, continued to tell us that his hands are tied, that Nina Anne Clayton, Rosemary and Frazer Cheesman and Dr David J Brown and Dr Rachel S Sykes and Dr Jonathan Bundy and Dr Wilson and Dr Gill Harding, Director of St John's Hospice, will not after all, have to answer questions as to why my father, Ralph Winstanley was put down, using the combined strangths of Doncaster East and Doncaster Central Primary Care Trusts. Well, they might not have to answer questions put to them by South Yorkshire Police Force, if that's the right phrase to use about the shambles which takes the money for policing in South Yorkshire, but they will certainly have to answer.

Detective Superintendent Robert Haworth claims that He is not allowed to investigate a murder - which this was - without the express instruction of HM Coroner?

We asked him about the corruption which surrounds this death. We asked who was responsible for the corruption which will not allow an entire police force to do its job? He did not answer. So now we know that murder is not a 'serious matter' in South Yorkshire

Does that mean that if some (obviously hypothetical) Coroner, ever wanted to murder someone, he could do it with impunity, and a very sharp knife, and South Yorkshire's Finest would do nothing? They say not! Really? Why are they taking our money then?

My car was sitting in an oveflowing puddle, when I left the police station, after two and a half hours. So it's not just the police who don't work. Their drains don't work either. Perhaps this is a fine example of consistency?

Remember, they are taking our money, claiming to be 'professionals' and fraudulently not doing the job for which we are paying them. For that matter, so is the South Yorkshire Police Authority - which is also not doing the overseeing job for which we are paying it.

Then there is HM Coroner Doncaster, who takes the money, into his own personal bank account, which unsuspecting members of the bereaved public are forced to pay, should they need to claim any documents, from the coroner, to do with an inquest of their loved one..

I understand that this man was appointed by Cllr Gordon Gallimore, Cllr Tommy Roebuck and a man called Cllr Grimson, (who, I understand, had been Mayor?), in 1990. Was that during Donnygate?

I will not speak - extensively - here about the shocking fraud played on the unaware public who ask for help from Doncaster East and Doncaster Central Primary Care Trusts. The members of their Boards take the money and - so it seems to me - couldn't care less about the old, the ill and the vulnerable members of the public whom they supposedly serve. They do not look at the fatal flaws in their stupid system, preferring instead, to build metaphorical brick walls, up to the skies, to keep out people who could help to keep the living live. But I will not speak of it here. It is reserved for another posting, where the names of its Chief Executives - all of them - will certainly be mentioned.

So there we have an entire Police Force, and its Police Authority, both of which ar prepared to do nothing; a Coroner who is prepared to deliberately sit on evidence so that it can be destroyed, altered, obscured; and so that murder is not investigated; a pair of Health Authorities which are populated by placemen, the inert and the corrupt - oh yes, and the people who constantly move on to a total lack of responsibility and a high pension, (may they and theirs rot in later life), and several people who should, were there any justice in this sad little corruption of a country, be sitting in jail as I write this.

But don't worry. We haven't given up yet. The main perpetrators are not still forever. They have to move about and they will have to face their deeds. Don't worry.

It will be done - one way or another - legally.

I am still not Ralph Winstanley. He is still dead. He was murdered. He lies in a freezer, in the Medico Legal Centre in Sheffield, whilst the new Coroner considers.

What is he considering, I wonder? Does he wonder who is selling which houses?

Charlotte Peters Rock
Wondering Daughter of The Deceased,
who most certainly does not intend to give up - until we get justice
PS Morality is a small, quiet word.
Who understands it?

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