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Why did they need to get rid of him?
Saturday, July 30, 2005
  Pre Inquest what? I went to see my father last Monday afternoon. You might wonder how I could do that, since he has been dead these 15 months - or more.

Dead, he might be but he is still not buried. The Coroners - yes two of them - have still not asked for adquate tests on my father's body, to establish just what was done to him before he died - to make him such a pushover to be killed.

So, I went to se him.

It was the day before his Pre Inquest Review, which took place in Scunthorpe.

That was an interesting day - the 27th July. the sort of day which draws the family closer. A time of wondering.

I wondered why Beachcroft Wandsbroughs, who keep sending me anonymous threatening letters, were there. They seemed to be representing three Trusts. (not that I'd trust any of them). The solitary man - with the very low voice - stated finally, that he was representing Doncaster East Primary Care Trust, Doncaster Central Primary Care Trust and Doncaster and South Humberside NHS Trust. So that was quite a large and diverse group of people.

I asked who exactly he was representing. He started to go throuogh it all again..but, rather than waste his time, I asked who amongst those people, he was actually representing. Was it the nurses who worked for the various Trusts? Or was it only the senior people within those Trusts? He didn't seem sure.

I had expected to see some representative of Bridge Sanderson Munro, in evidence to represent the interests of "Ralph Winstanley's General Practitoners", as the email which I had recieved from the Coroner's Office in Cleethorpes had informed me they would. However, they were not in evidence. Perhaps the fact that the 'writer of the email', Mrs Joanne Grady had already gone on Maternity leave, several days before the email was sent, in her name, could account for the information being factually incorrect?

There was a lady from the Medical Defence Union, Radcliffes LeBrasseur (there's posh!), representing - so I was informed - only two doctors. These were Dr David J Brown and Dr Rachel S Sykes. Neither was in evidence.

I had also been told that someone from solicitors, Parker Rhodes, would be there, representing 'Mrs Winstanley'. This, you understand, is a euphamism. There is no 'Mrs Winstanley'. Nor has there been for quite some time. So perhaps it's just as well that no one turned up to represent her - assuming she had ever existed.

I was not told, however, that South Yorkshire Police would be represented. But there was quite a turn out.

There was a police solicitor called Barrett - or bassett - I wasn't quite sure as he was not loud.
There was also an appearance from Detective Superintendent Robert Haworth, Senior (non)Investigating Officer, and from the former Detective Sergeant Andrea Norton, who has - so I understand - been promoted to Detective Inspector and also changed her name. They were on an away-day from Doncaster. (Had it been me, I certainly wouldn't have chosen Scunthorpe. It hasn't got any seaside.)

But the South Yorkshire piece de resistance was the man in uniform, from Humberside Police. I understand that he had been sent, at the request of South Yorkshire Police, because my family and I 'would cause trouble'.

He was good enough to tell us of his mission. So we have complained that since we have not, thus far, caused trouble, except by asking rather a lot of questions, which are well within the law, we do rather object to being cast in the role of 'troublemaker'.

As this horrible mess grinds on, I do wonder why Lewis Carrol died. I could have done with him. My situation - and that of my siblings - is very similar to that of Alice, when faced with the various vicissitudes, which puzzled and distressed her. I haven't yet met flamingoes being used for croquet - but it's only a matter of time.

My father is dead. I am not my father. I am alive. There are people who will regret these two facts.


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