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Why did they need to get rid of him?
Sunday, October 23, 2005
  The Freemason at the back of the Courts What possible interest would an undertaker have in a Coroner's Court?

He would either have been employed to dispose of the body - or not have been employed to dispose of it.

In either circumstance it is likely that he would not actually be doing business at the Court. Isn't it? For a start, it would be in extremely bad taste. Coffin chasing is not to everyone's liking after all.

However, there is one undertaker, who takes his business so seriously that he feels obliged to follow the Coroner's Court hearings - even when they take place quite a way from his home area.

Perhaps he's short of work? Certainly, in spite of having three undertaking emporia in the Doncaster area, he seems to have very few mentions in the 'funeral thanks' advertisements of the local papers. Perhaps, when he conducts funerals, people just don't feel like thanking him? Or perhaps he just does not conduct many funerals?

The 'cemetery dawn raid' in which my father was dropped into the ground at 7.30am is no recommendation of an undertaker.

With the Judicial Review already stamped and underway on the day before the second inquest, the surprise is that the secretive Paul Kelly (Coroner Number 2), saw fit to release my father's body at all. But perhaps that's the way they do things in Scunthorpe? Certainly Coroners visit each other's homes, when partial information is handed over. (Yes - since you ask - I have this in writing.) To return to the undertaker..

Perhaps he dumped my father at that time because he was very busy? I suppose we should feel lucky that it wasn't upside down at midnight at the crossroads?

Certainly our undertaker seems to have the free time to travel to inquests - even as far afield as Scunthorpe.

By now you will be wondering who this person is, who is so dedicated to inquests? No. Let me re-phrase that comment. This person is certainly dedicated to appearing at the inquests of Ralph Winstanley. I really do not know whether he puts in an appearance at other people's inquests, or whether he has any interest in burying other people at all.

His name is Richard Walker - though he is sometimes known as Stephen Walker.

However his friends will know him as the ex-mayor of Thorne Moorends and currently a rapidly rising Doncaster Metropolitan Borough Councillor. He seems to be popping up on numerous Committees - Licensing; Awards, Grants and Transport Appeals; Elections, Corporate and Finance; Overview and Scrutiny Management Committee/Healthier Communities and Vulnerable People; (now that one I do find interesting).

He is also a Freemason, as he proudly states on the Doncaster MBC web site. (see photograph and other information at http://www.doncaster.gov.uk/about/chamber/default.asp?Nav=Declaration&MemberID=249)

I wonder which other people in the Coroners' Courts might also be Freemasons?

And why would Richard Walker run off, from his position, planted, standing rather obviously at the back of the room at Scunthorpe Coroner's Court, when my sister noticed him and said she'd like a word?

He waved one of his arms above his head and as he left, shouted, "No, I'm not speaking to you".

Yet he had been transfixed by Mr Paul Kelly, Assistant Deputy Coroner. (Perhaps he is considering becoming a Coroner himself?)

How do I know what he shouted? Well, I was the other side of the Court room and I heard it.

You might wonder why my sister should recognise an undertaker. The reason is that he was also at the back of the room at Doncaster Coroner's Court, in May last year, when our father's inquest was first opened, by Stanley Hooper, HM Coroner, South Yorkshire East District.

My sister knows he was there because she was next to him at that Court. He's large - and a bit unmissable.

Also my father's offspring rather took exception to Stanley Hooper treating Richard Walker as an 'interested party', and sending him copies of letters in respect of my father.

Why would Richard Walker be treated in that way? Could it be that Brother Walker was in company of fellow brothers - possibly at both inquests into my father's death?

Or perhaps he was just getting impatient for his takaway body?

If anyone knows, perhaps you'd drop me a line., at ralphwinstanley@yahoo.co.uk

(Daughter of the Dawn Burial)

It's not the cough
that carries you off
It's the coffin
they carry you off in

brothers on the chequerboard
brothers on the square
don't make mistakes you can't afford
they watch you everywhere

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