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Why did they need to get rid of him?
Wednesday, February 02, 2005
  Doncaster East PCT Doncaster Central PCT This is about Doncaster East and Doncaster Central Primary Care Trusts.

They seem to be leaking. They've leaked two Chief Executives.. in very short order. Wonder why?

They're leaking lots of money..unless Beachcroft Wandsboroughs is not charging them to look at this web site regularly. Now I am aware that pigs can fly.. but really! That is too much!

However, it seems that the cover-up gathers pace....Little Mrs Boswell (is she related to Boswell of the diaries, I wonder? Does she make things up? )..

Well, it is terribly difficult for her. Landed in it, as she seems to have been. (even if she does get loads of dosh). But there. She does have the little ones to feed after all..so if there 's a cover-up,well.. what can she do? Poor little woman. Not enough intellect to see how destructive her attitude is. Not enough nous to work out that 'honesty might well be the best policy'.

Now murder.. that's an interesting concept! Alien to a Primary Care Trust, of course.. but interesting.

Is the person at Beachcroft Wandsbroughs paid well? I don't mean the person who is charging for this watching brief. I mean the person who actually has the job of checking this site every day. . if that is what they do..

I imagine the person who actually does the checking to be small.. possibly bird-like.. with holes in their socks.. and definitely of English, lower class origin.. whatever that is, these days.

On the other hand, I imagine the person who gives the order, to be .. well.. what, exactly? Probably a rank (and by 'rank' I do mean stinking) social climber, with aspirations above the sensibilities of those at the plateau to which he/she would like to climb. I see it as a sad and barren life, which tries to oversee and comprehend the actuality of human class. But perhaps I'm wrong? Who can tell.? Perhaps this overseeing person works for altruism..and not money? I don't see that as likely though. But perhaps I'm wrong?

To get back to Doncaster East and Doncaster Central Primary Care Trusts. (Pity not to allow the bird-like, down-at-heel person, the opportunity to earn an 'honest' crust). They seem to have, at their head, people who have no consideration for the poor 'worker ants' who slave regularly in the 'service of humanity'. They seem to have overseers who, caring little for ordinary caring workers, are prepared to plunge them into a murderous shambles, not of their own making

Whatever happened to the union? You know the one. The union which prevented its workers from being unjustly drawn into mistakes not of their making. It also looked out for workers unjustly drawn into such terrible things as murders. Whatever happened to the Union? Is there one at Beachcroft Whatsername .. or at either PCT?

It seems to have been replaced by 'big brother'.. whoever he is. Perhaps Beachcroft and Whatsername (assuming they exist), could, together with Simon Morritt, Jayne Brown, Christine Boswell, Ann Ballarini, Mike Hedges, Meredith Hughes and ES Hooper, tell the rest of we poor benighted people what exactly is going on?

I will look forward to it.

My father is still dead. He was still put down when he wasn't dying and was not asking to die. This was murder..unless you know a better word for it?

So many people seem to be 'in it up to their necks', that it is surprising that there is anything left with which to drown them. However, I have every confidence that it can be done.

I am,

Ralph Winstanley's elder aughter
Charlotte Peters Rock
I am not going away!

and even if I do

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