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Why did they need to get rid of him?
Saturday, June 04, 2005
  Murderers to justice? - Oh, perish the thought! Holding fast - where they're not retiring - South Yorkshire Police Force, (as it calls itself), is still refusing to recognise that where murders occur, they should be investigated and the murderers brought to justice.

Now why would that be?

Could it be that South Yorkshire Police Force agrees with murder?

Is it possible that South Yorkshire Police Force actually colludes with murder?

Of course, in writing 'South Yorkshire Police Force', I do not assume that it is no more than a malign force which works without human intervention.

I fully understand that South Yorkshire Police Force is composed of human beings. I would assume that many of them are not corrupt.

But what about the rest?

Did Detective Superintendent John Hudson agree with murder?

Did Chief Constable Mike Hedges also agree?

What about Chief Constable Meredydd Hughes, who served as Deputy Chief Constable under Chief Constable Mike Hedges?

I have heard recently, that South Yorkshire Police Force claims that it has only half the murders of other police forces, in this country. Why would that be?

Could it be that South Yorkshire Police Force is refusing to investigate murders?

That would certainly be one way of reducing the number of supposed murders in the South Yorkshire area. However, it would hardly be a truthful reduction, would it?

Perhaps South Yorkshire Police Force believes in magic! ie. Don't think 'murder' and there will be no murder?

But surely the senior officers of South Yorkshire Police Force are not so simple? Are they?

Another possibility is that South Yorkshire Police Force is just refusing to do its job. Would it really do that?

Otherwise, perhaps it just agrees with murder.

Of course, I should not keep calling South Yorkshire Police Force 'it'.

South Yorkshire Police Force is composed of individual human beings, or so I believe. Individual human beings who are - by my standards - very well paid for protecting the poor and the innocent and the ordinary people.

If those human beings, who are taking the money, are not investigating murders when they occur, what sort of culpability do they have, in respect of the crime?

Where it is locally known that South Yorkshire Police Force will not investigate certain murders, what effect would that have on those people who would like to commit a murder, in the local area?

Would they be more likely to commit a murder - or less likely?

I do wonder.

If they would be more likely to commit a murder, who, within South Yorkshire Police Force would be culpable?

Would it be all - or any of - the Police Constables - or would it be the Chief Constable?

There will be more in this space, shortly, about why murders are not being adequately investigated, in what is supposedly a civilised country. Mention will be made of Donnygate.

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