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Why did they need to get rid of him?
Wednesday, January 25, 2006
  Martin Pennington's threatening letter This arrived today, 25th January 2006, via the email of someone called Gaenor Jackson, who works at Frank Allen Pennington, solicitors, of Doncaster. It seems to be from
Martin Pennington.
(Sorry this picture is so shadowy. It is not really on this site but is merely a link to Martin Pennington's Frank Allen Pennington site. Perhaps I should ask him why he feels the need to be so 'shadowy'? Aren't all solicitors 'Officers of the Court', and therefore not shadowy? Ah well! It's not my picture; just an image from cyberspace.)

Ralph Winstanley would have had a birthday today, (25th January 2006), had he still been alive.
Dear Ms Rock

We have received your further e-mail.

We will not respond for the reasons set out in the last e-mail and previous e-mails which are quite clear. We would only make one further point at this time. If you publicise, by whatever means, defamatory information as to this firms handling of your late fathers affairs, including litigation, either against individual members or the partnership as a whole, we will issue immediate injunction proceedings against you together with a claim for damages.

You will appreciate that such proceedings will incur substantial penalty in both costs and damages.

It is therefore appropriate that we put you "on notice" of the partners intention to deal with any defamatory allegations in the most robust manner possible.

If you have any doubts about this firms position in relation to the release of information as to the affairs of Ralph Winstanley we strongly recommend you take legal advice on the issue as it is abundantly clear that you cannot (or will not) accept what we say about our professional duty both to your late father and his Estate.

We are sending a copy of this e-mail to your sister for her information, as she also does not appear to understand this firms professional position.

If you or your sister continue to bombard this firm with e-mails the partners will have to consider what action should be taken to restrain you from this course of action.

Yours sincerely

Martin T Pennington

So it has been necessary to threaten two of Ralph Winstanley's daughters (his only daughters), with one email. I'm sure you will be thinking:

"Whatever have they done?"

Well, they went to see Martin Pennington, just after their father, Ralph Winstanley had been killed.

They said: "What on earth do you think you're doing?" He declined to answer.

They said: "We will find out".

They asked other questions.. about their father and their younger brother. That is what they did.

They also saw for themselves how Pennington and Jarand (Godfrey William Mackenzie)(from Nottingham), conducted themselves in the Appeal Court, against, Richard Winstanley, the persecuted younger son of Martin Pennington's now long-deceased 'client', Ralph Wnstanley.

Jarand was - so I understand - heard speaking to the Yorkshire Post reporter - after the Court Hearing. Presumably, he was speaking on behalf of his client, Martin Pennington, of Frank Allen Pennington, of Doncaster? Perhaps the next posting will tell you what was overheard. It was not pleasant... but it was certainly informative.

Keep dropping by.. and I might tell you what questions Ralph Winstanley's daughters asked of Martin Pennington. I might also put the complete transcript of the Court Hearing at Sheffield Appeal Court (6th January 2006) on this site. It makes very interesting reading.

In the meantime, perhaps you might like to read what the Yorkshire Post reported about the Court Hearing?

Alternatively, you can email me on
or ring me on (+44) 0156 572 2738.
I will be more than happy to discuss the matter.

Charlotte Peters Rock
(Daughter of the Departed Ralph Winstanley - in whose name several Court Hearings have been held - led by Martin Pennington - since Ralph Winstanley's death on 23rd April 2004)

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