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Why did they need to get rid of him?
Saturday, February 11, 2006
  PROOF OF MURDER? 14 February 2006 - I should point out to the person from Beachcroft Wansbroughs solicitors and Doncaster East and Central Primary Care Trusts, who will already have copied this posting, that they will now need to copy it again, since it has altered today.

Charlotte Peters Rock
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12th February 2006

An open letter to the Members of the Executive Committee at Doncaster East Primary Care Trust. In respect of Dr David J Brown of Field Road Surgery, Stainforth – and the Trust’s blocking of access to Ralph Winstanley’s Medical and other records – and its refusal to deal adequately with Ralph Winstanley’s death, so that other people’s health is protected.

Following my original approach to you on 25th January 2006, I have received a threatening letter

from the over-inflated solicitors paid by the PCTs to send out such things against members of the public seeking redress for serious mistakes. I do not take such threats kindly. My father was killed under the ‘care’ of three NHS Trusts. Whether that was a deliberate act of murder on the part of anyone connected with the Trusts, is at least open to question. Also open to question is the supposed ‘professionalism’ and accountability of the medical and health ‘professionals’ who were involved in this killing – wittingly or otherwise.

He had not been dying, nor had he been asking to die. He did not speak about dying either - or about the supposed imminence of his own death. He had been looking forward to a family wedding, which took place 6 months after he was killed.

The drone at Beachcroft Wansbroughs, who curiously enough is a relative expert in Mental Health Law (I believe that my father was fleeced (not by Michael Doyle), using aspects of The Mental Health Act 1983 and corrupt Court dealings), and seems - in my experience - to make his living by threatening innocent and aggrieved members of the public. I can see that heis taking money which could be better used in setting this problem straight; and then in looking after the health of the people who need care. (The Law has always been an ass - but it is a very rich ass.)

My family and I are looking for justice. We will not stop until we get it. The person who had not the wit to sign the threatening letter, is taking money from the sick. According to the reference which heads it, that person is Mr Michael Doyle.

Following such a letter, I feel obliged to send proof of the facts stated in my previous letter. You will find that proof in the links below, which take you to copies of original documents.

When Dr David J Brown was taken on as Chairman of Doncaster East Primary Care Trust, Executive Committee, did he first give you the facts in relation to his dead patient Ralph Winstanley?

1 It is fact that Dr David J Brown was the GP in overall and day to day charge of Ralph Winstanley’s treatment, for many years, before he was killed on 23rd April 2004. (0n Dr David J Brown's list 1984-2004)

2 It is fact that Dr David J Brown noted, twelve years before that time, that Ralph Winstanley had mental difficulties. In his Medical Records in 1992 Dr David J Brown wrote:

“06/03/1992 LOSS OF MEMORY 4 EPISODES IN 14 YEARS Dr D Brown”

So Dr David J Brown was fully aware that Ralph Winstanley had mental difficulties. He had been aware of these difficulties for at least 12 years. I note that the extract from my father’s medical record – above – also states that my father had tinnitus. I believe that tinnitus is one of the recognised difficulties in Dementia. Did Dr Brown already know by then (06/03/1992) that my father had Dementia?

Certainly someone was involved in my father’s medical care when he was stripped of control over his own financial and property affairs on 25th February 1991, at Doncaster County Court, by Judge Lingard. My father’s medical records show that he was a patient of Dr David J Brown from 1984 until his death.

3 It is fact that Dr David J Brown wrote a letter on 28 May 2004, to Mr Jonathan Goodwin, solicitor, of Bridge Sanderson Munro, Doncaster.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
(This was only one month after Ralph Winstanley had been killed.) It was written in respect of a very dubious will which Dr David J Brown seems to have been involved in, stating:

“I saw Mr Winstanley in December, twice in January, twice in February and three times in March and at no time during that period did any question arise regarding impairment of his mental health.”

This man, who is, in my opinion a charlatan, even had the brass cheek to state that:

“..6 years ago I was recognised as having special skills in examining patients under the Mental Health Act, becoming a Section 12 approved doctor under that act and I confirm that with my special experience in mental health examinations, during the time when Mr Winstanley was preparing his will, no doubts arose concerning his mental state, although I did not undertake a formal examination of his mental health as such.”

Since he claims these qualifications he should also realise that they were set in place to prevent over-inflated statements such as the one above. In fact The Mental Health Act 1983 requires two doctors to agree at two separate formal consultations, about the state of a person’s mental health. That is one of the reasons why I believe him to be a charlatan.

Another reason is that this letter seems to show that Dr David J Brown was fully aware, at the time that the will was supposed to have been drawn up, that this was happening. Why was that? What was his involvement? On the other hand, Ralph Winstanley seems not to have known anything about this ‘will’ - or about his imminent demise - during his lifetime. Why not, I wonder?

Perhaps Dr David J Brown can explain, though he has refused to do so, so far?

4 It is fact that in another letter,

written by Dr David J Brown on 1st June 2004, to Mrs Hedge, Complaints Manager at the PCTs he states that he was on leave for the last few days of my father’s life. That is also a lie, since he was signing prescriptions in his surgery on the 22nd April 2004 and I have proof of it.

My father died on 23rd April 2004.

5 It is fact that, in the letter of 1st June 2004, he also waffles on about my father’s supposed ‘oesophageal cancer’ and ‘heart failure’ – neither of which he had.

This, set against my father’s Pathology Report, seems to show that this man decided that my father’s time to die had arrived. My father seems to have had no say in the matter, since he was already well-drugged with morphine before the final assault was made, which killed him. And when the final assault was made, my father stated, on numerous occasions over the first 36 hours of his so-called ‘treatment’, that he ‘was not in any pain’. My sister and I can both attest to this.

Dr David J Brown seems to have decided to play God, with a man who was not dying – and he seems to have decided to do it by pretending that he was away on holiday and using Dr Sykes either as a willing participant or as a ‘cat’s paw’.

You will notice that Dr Brown seems confident in stating that:

“Those involved in his final days were in full agreement regarding the malignant cancerous nature of his underlying problems and that efforts must be directed towards his comfort by relieving his pain and distress as the underlying cause was beyond medical cure.”

That statement is utter tosh. My father was not in any pain – except for the mild discomfort of indigestion – which he was relieving by moving round the room to shift it and then belching. Nor was he distressed, until after the drugs cocktail kicked in.

At that point, realising in his morphine-fuddled state, that there was something amiss with the skin of this thighs, he tried to pull out the syringe-driver needles, which had been stuck down on each of his thighs. This was construed, by Dr Rachel S Sykes, as “terminal agitation”. Writing this in his medical record, she increased the doses of drugs, until they finally killed him.

I am stating this because I saw it happen and protested that it was happening, once I had realised that he was not dying of his own accord.

This letter also moves into the realms of the ‘Godlike’, in the statement:

“At no point did Mr Winstanley, his wife or any other person seek to shorten his life in any way.”

How did Dr Brown know that? He has already stated, in the same letter, that he was not there.
Not only was he not there but presumably he also did not know what was going on in the minds of other people, who were there. Did he?

(The effect of his “‘O’ level” in Mental Health seems to have given him delusions of psychiatric grandeur.)

Page two, para. 2 of Dr David J Brown's letter states information, which Dr Brown could not possibly have known, in respect of my father’s Post Mortem and Pathology Report, since the Pathology Report was not finally produced until 3rd February 2005 – ten months after my father’s death – and nine months after the letter above was written. And when the Pathology Report was produced, it did not bear out the statement in his letter:

“I understand that the post-mortem examinations undertaken so far have cast no doubt on the adequacy of his treatment nor the cancerous nature of his gastro-intestinal problems.”

Dr David J Brown must have been fully aware, when that letter was written, that my father’s Pathology report would not show gastro intestinal cancer.

With the letter above, was a Statement, dated 16th May 2004.

You will notice that it states how Dr Brown was struck by my father’s ‘continuing decline’.

Does such a ‘decline’ coupled with Dr Brown’s entry in my father’s Medical Record, that he definitely had oesophageal cancer (15th March 2004) - when he did not - presuppose that my father had no right to die when his own body had come to the end of life?

Or does Dr Brown always insist that patients will die tidily at just the time when he says they will?

In that case,
how many other of his patients have died tidily?

6 It is fact
that Dr David J Brown was fully aware that Ralph Winstanley’s life – including his health - was being run by Nina Clayton, who together with her younger daughter, Rosemary Cheesman, also seems to have had her hands on his financial affairs, all without the knowledge of his blood relatives, all of whom were readily contactable, if only through his own younger daughter, Linda Kirby, who saw him regularly, or his elder daughter Charlotte Peters Rock, who saw him occasionally.

7 It is fact that there are various notes in Ralph Winstanley’s GP Medical Records, which show that he did not control his own affairs, and that Dr David J Brown was fully aware of that. It was often not Ralph Winstanley but Nina Clayton who consulted Dr David J Brown. One note, as far back as 28th March 1994, (ten years before he was killed), states:


Dr David J Brown was fully aware, because of regular consultation made by Nina Clayton, that Ralph Winstanley also seems not to have had full control over his medical treatment.

This letter, written by Dr David J Brown on 8th April 1994, illustrates my father's lack of control over his own medical treatment.

Protesting that there was nothing wrong with his hearing, my father was, for ‘slight hearing loss’, forced to have two large National Health hearing aids, because Nina Clayton decided he should.

That happened within four months of the complaint, which she made on 28/03/1994.

My sister and I did not see father wearing them, except once, on 11th April 2006 when he was rushed ("dying" - as we were told), into Doncaster Royal Infirmary, where nothing was found to be wrong with him. None of his various photographs show him to have been wearing them.

His hearing was fine.. if he wanted to hear. Even as he was being killed, he could hear us perfectly well – and he wasn’t wearing hearing aids. They were on the table.

He’d always had the ability to shut out noises he didn’t want to hear. He was noted for it. Perhaps he couldn’t stand Nina Clayton’s noises?

8 It is fact that Dr David J Brown was fully aware that Ralph Winstanley had had two endoscopies with biopsies in 2004 - which had not shown cancer in his oesophagus or stomach - because Dr David J Brown had sent him for them.

They took place on 13th January 2004,

following which in a letter dated 10.2.04, the Consultant Physician and Gastroenterologist, Dr G James stated:

"In fact biopsies have shown mostly inflammatory exudate and granulation tissue with no evidence of dysplasia or neoplasia. In view of this I think he should be treated with Lansoprazole 30mg daily and rather than bring him back to clinic I have arranged a further endoscopy in 6 weeks to ensure things are improving."

"neoplasia" means "tumour"; "dysplasia" means "abnormal development or growth of tissues"; "malignant" means "threatening to life, virulent, cancerous"

and 10th March 2004,

"There is no evidence of dysplasia or malignancy. A fungal stain is negative."

These results showed that there was nothing wrong with Ralph Winstanley’s stomach nor with his oesophagus – except for a healing ulcer.

This information was also readily available in Ralph Winstanley’s computerised GP Medical Records, at Dr David J Brown’s Field Road Surgery and at Doncaster Royal Infirmary.

So why did Dr David J Brown make the following note in Ralph Winstanley's GP Medical Records on 15th March 2004? He stated firmly:

"15/03/2004 oesophageal cancer see 2nd endoscopy report Dr D Brown"

What was happening here? Deprived of his entire finances; and ‘desitute’, so his daughters were informed with much glee by Nina Clayton as he finally died, had Ralph Winstanley become economically unviable? Dr David J Brown, seems to have shown so much inaccurate interest in his so-called ‘will’. Why is that?

9 It is fact that because of this takeover of his life, Ralph Winstanley was assaulted, during the last miserable 6 days and nights of his life, by treatment which he neither wanted nor needed. This resulted in his death because of that so-called ‘treatment’. His death was achieved using lies, to an on-call doctor service, whose doctors didn’t bother to turn out, whilst prescribing a Class 1, cocktail of noxious drugs. Had Dr David J Brown not prescribed Oramorph, four days before the syringe-drivers went in, my father would have been able to resist this assault. As it was, he was a pushover.

10 It is fact that my father was taken from being totally ambulant and reasonably sensibly spoken and killed.

Nursing sisters who did turn out, listened to Nina Clayton’s lies and Rosemary Cheesman’s lies and did as they were told – by an on-call doctor service, (which had also listened to their lies). which did not feel that it was essential to actually see the patient before prescribing a noxious cocktail of Diamorphine, Haloperidol and Midazolam, to be delivered through not one but two syringe-drivers – which effectively forced my father to be bed-bound.

This had the effect of taking a man who had been upright:

A walking, sitting and standing up again, completely unaided;
B speaking reasonably sensibly;
C recognising everyone who came into the room;
D eating, drinking
E able to swallow tablets and other medicine;

and making him completely bed-bound. It is very difficult to get about when attached to TWO syringe-drivers – though he tried, even as the drugs took effect.

11 It is fact, supported by my father’s GP Medical Records and his Hospital Records and by Dr Kevin Lee’s letter of 18th May 2004, that Nina Clayton was lying in her teeth about the state of my father. She stated over and over again that he was:

“in terrible pain and was being dreadfully sick and fetching up blood”.

In spite of the evidence of my father being in front of them and

a not retching nor trying to retch,
b no smell of sickness in the room,
c no agitation apparent at the time when they saw him,
these nurses were at the very least, unprofessional enough to carry on with the killing.

Nina Clayton’s statements were untrue. I quietly told the nurses that my father was not tring to be sick nor fetching up any blood. They could see it – and smell it (or it's absense) - for themselves. They refused to listen. There was no doctor, to listen. No doctor came into the house until the arrival of Dr Sykes, more than 24 hours after the drugs cocktail had been forced continuously into my father.

When Dr Rachel Sykes arrived, she also took no notice of anything I said, except to put me down as a nuisance, as most of the nurses also had done. This is recorded in the nursing records, of which I have a copy.

The only exception I would make to this comment, was in respect of the Marie Curie Nurse who was with my father three nights running. She did report to her base that there were problems to do with my father’s care and that we were objecting to what was happening. I have a copy of this report.

We were told over and over again that he was dying - by doctors, by Nina Clayton and her daughter and son-in-law and by nurses.

However, some of the nurses did express surprise that he was still alive as the days and nights wore on.

In particular, the Marie Curie Nurse who came in overnight on 19th 20th and 21st April 2004 – and who is very used to nursing dying patients - was startled to see that my father was still alive, as the nights wore on – which surely must give some idea of the strength of the man and indicates that he had not been dying?

Your Primary Care Trust – the one for which YOU are on the Executive Committee – the one which is supposed to look after patient’s’ health – the one for which my father's GP, Dr David J Brown is the Caldicott Guardian as well as Chairman of the Executive – was instrumental in killing a man, who had not been dying.

That is the effect of information, written by Dr Kevin Lee, on 18th May 2004,


It also confirms the part played by Dr Bundy.

We were however, completely unaware of the lies being told to Dr Lee, since the telephone is at the opposite end of the house.

We were told that my father was dying. We believed it, initially.

Who wouldn’t believe such a statement, especially seeing the squads of nurses trooping through the house?

Even Dr Rachel Sykes, when she finally called on the following day, told us he was ‘terminally ill’ and was ‘dying of oesophageal and stomach cancer’.


12 It is fact that the GP Medical Records are misleading

The extract below, from my father’s GP Medical record, seems to indicate - for some reason – that my father had actually been ‘SEEN’ by a co-operative doctor. NO co-operative doctor SAW my father at all. Dr Lee’s letter confirms this.

My sister was with him from 4am. He was not distressed when she arrived – merely asking her what she was doing there. When she said, “I just thought I’d come and see you”, he accepted that.

We did not see him in a distressed condition at all, until several hours AFTER the first syringe driver had gone into his right thigh, and he was also given several further injections.
In fact I had made a note in my book that I thought he was ‘unnaturally calm’. My sister and I were unaware, at that time that he was already doped-up with the 4-hourly oral morphine, which Dr Brown prescribed to him four days before. Perhaps that accounted for his unnatural calmness?

My sister was with him from 4am on 18th April 2004. I joined them at 9.30am, having been telephoned at 7am. HE WAS VERY CALM – AND NOT AT ALL DISTRESSED – all day and over night on Sunday - and well into Monday. He did try to pull out the first syringe-driver needle. He seemed to be trying to work out what it was doing in his leg. He obviously didn’t understand what was happening to him. On Monday, he was still getting out of bed and walking round the room. We carried first one and then both of the syringe-driver cases, to allow him to do this.

13 It is fact that in respect of his supposed ‘heart failure’ his Pathology Report states:

The heart (363g) was dilated. There was focal moderate coronary artery atheroma involving the anteror descending branch of the left coronary vessel. The myocardium was macroscopically normal on section. The valves were normal. The systematic vasculature was atheromatous consistent with age."


The precious, publicly paid for resources, nurses and doctors of three NHS Trusts, were used to complete the killing of my father, as Dr David J Brown is fully aware.

14 It is fact that Dr David J Brown was, in control of the treatment which Ralph Winstanley received, since Ralph Winstanley was under his care when he died on 23rd April 2004

15 It is fact that Dr David J Brown dispensed Oramorph (morphine-by-mouth), every 4 hours, to Ralph Winstanley on 14th April 2004, for no discernable recorded reason. The only problem with which Ralph Winstanley presented was that he couldn’t sleep lying down – and that he was trying to recover from recent chemotherapy.

Since he had just completed another course of Fludarabine, (on 10/11 April), in his successful treatment for Chronic Lymphocytic Leukaemia, I suppose he could be expected to be feeling some effects of what is, after all, a noxious drug. Couldn’t he? One of those effects could be expected to be unwillingness to eat. Morphine would hardly help with that, would it?

On the other hand it did make Ralph Winstanley a pushover, when it came to the time to fill him up with Diamorphine, Haloperidol and Midazolam, following lies told to the on-call doctors service.

16 It is fact (shown in the extract below, taken from his GP Medical Records), that my father’s heart was found to be in good condition at Doncaster Royal Infirmary and that any pain was thought to be ‘musculo-skeletal’ in origin.

17 It is fact that my father had no pain when he arrived in hospital. That is stated in the extract.

18 It is fact that he was discharged without treatment. It is stated here.
"The presenting complaint was: GEN UNWELL BILATERAL CENTRAL CHEST PAIN TODAY CONSCIOUS, WARM TO TOUCH, NO PAIN AT PRESENT The following treatment was given: (this part was left blank, indicating that no treatment had been given)"

Dr David J Brown wrote in his Medical Record that Ralph Winstanley had been seen at Doncaster Royal Infirmary over the weekend (11 April 2004), for chest pain. On the other hand Ralph Winstanley had stated to both of this daughters at DRI that he had had no pain. He made it obvious that he didn’t know why he was at DRI. His breathing had been OK. Not laboured. Nor was he gasping for breath.

I have recently been handed a copy of the actual Doncaster Royal Infirmary Report on my father, when he was admitted to the Accident and Emergency Unit on 11th April 2004. The relevant part is reproduced below:


Other parts of his record state that
he had no pains radiating down his left arm, jaw, back
he had no shortage of breath
he had no recent cough
he had no diarrhoea
he had no vomiting
he had no pain now

So what was he doing there? He stated several timesthat he didn't want to be there.. that he wanted to go home.

Since he had no pain, who told the ambulance service and the hospital staff that he had had pain?

And why did they do that?

My sister, Linda, had been with father from around 9am until around 3pm (6 hours), on that day. He had no stomach pains then. He went out with her and ate a hearty meal. They were celebrating her birthday. He had not been 'confused'. It is interesting to speculate what had happened to him - after Linda left him - to make him so confused that he had to be admitted to hospital - by ambulance - on oxygen - with the statement from Nina Clayton, that "he was dying".

Yet, three hours later he was discharged with no treatment - except for a paracetamol - and two cups of tea for the relatives.

Having been keen to leave ever since he had arrived, he was quickly taken home by Nina Clayton, who refused the offer of a lift from Ralph's two daughters.

The other peculiarity which appears on the form at Doncaster Royal Infirmary is contained within the extract below:

It is interesting to speculate who told both the Ambulance service and the Accident and Emergency Department these false details about my father:

"Terminal CA (cancer) Patient unaware".

Did they come from my father's GP Medical Record? If so, there is nothing in the current version of his medical record to state that he had 'terminal' anything.

Perhaps the 'wife' who travelled with the patient told the ambulance personel that her husband had terminal cancer?

It seems reasonably certain that the patient didn't tell them, since he is not supposed to have known.

19 It is fact that two of Dr David J Brown’s colleagues were instrumental in Ralph Winstanley’s death, since:

a Dr Jonathan Bundy was, (according to Dr Kevin Lee’s letter of 18th May 2004 - above), involved in the prescribing of part of the drugs cocktail delivered - unusually - through two syringe-drivers, when Ralph Winstanley was perfectly capable of taking medication by mouth at the time, and continued to be capable even 36 hours after those drugs began to infiltrate his reasoning. Neither Dr Jonathan Bundy nor Dr Kevin Lee nor any other doctor, saw Ralph Winstanley, before prescribing these drugs.

No doctor saw Ralph Winstanley, until the drugs cocktail had been going into him for over 24 hours.

Dr Bundy works both at the Field Road Practice of Dr David J Brown and during his spare time he makes extra money at Danum Doctors Services Ltd, along with Dr Kevin Lee (and Dr Paul D Wilson also of Field Road Surgery). I note that Dr Bundy is also a GP Representative on the Executive Committee of Doncaster East PCT.

b Dr Rachel S Sykes, was nominally in charge of Ralph Winstanley’s treatment,
She didn’t turn up to see him until 24 hours after the first syringe-driver, containing Diamorphine and Haloperidol, was set up and running and Midazolam had already been injected into himas he was also continued on Oramorph, on first the nurses’ and then Dr Sykes’ instruction.

When Ralph Winstanley tried, (19 April 2004) ineffectually in his already badly drugged state, to pull out the needles, it was Dr Rachel S Sykes who raised the drug dosages, stating that he was receiving ‘terminal care’.

As you can see from this extract of his GP Medical Record, there had been no mention of ‘terminal care’ on the 16th April when she had previously seen him. We certainly never heard my father requesting this ‘terminal care’. What he did say was that he was not in any pain.

So what sort of ‘care’ is this, that terminates the life of a man who states that he is in no pain, by the use of an enforced cocktail of noxious drugs?

Dr Rachel S Sykes also stated, several times and quite positively, to both of Ralph Winstanley’s own blood daughters, that he was dying of oesophageal and stomach cancer, as she continued with the ‘treatment’ of Diamorphine, Haloperidol and Midazolam, which was still going into his body as he finally died.

20 It is fact that the ‘pain relief’ mentioned in this extract from my father’s GP Medical Records – above – was shoved into a man who stated over and over again that he was “in no pain".


(The added 20mg DIAMORPHINE is equivalent to 60mg more of MORPHINE. That raised my father’s enforced intake of DIAMORPHINE to 60mg. That is equivalent to 180mg of MORPHINE.)

(At the same time was also subjected to the enforced intake of 10mg HALOPERIDOL and 60mg of MIDAZOLAM, WHILST BOTH FOOD AND FLUID WERE WITHHELD, AS HE STRUGGLED, THROUGH THE APRIL HEATWAVE, TO STAY ALIVE.)

What was Dr Rachel Sykes hoping to achieve by this action? What she did achieve was my father’s permanent relapse into unconsciousness – until he was dead.


22 It is fact that Dr Gill Harding IS NOT A SPECIALIST IN OESOPHAGEAL OR STOMACH CANCER. WHEN MY SISTER AND I SAW HER, ON 22ND APRIL 2004, SHE ALSO LIED, BY STATING THAT MY FATHER HAD OESOPHAGEAL AND STOMACH CANCER, WHEN HE HAD NO SUCH THING. Either she hadn’t bothered to check her facts or she was lying deliberately. Which is it?

23 It is fact that ten months after he was deliberately killed, Ralph Winstanley’s Pathology Report, showed that there had been nothing wrong with his oesophagus nor with his stomach.

24 It is fact that this smart-arse doctor, Dr David J Brown, has refused over and over again to deal in a sensible or professional way with the concerned blood family of Ralph Winstanley, even initially, though as a family GP he is supposed to do this as a matter of course.

25 It is fact that Dr David J Brown was – and still is - Caldicott Guardian for the very Trust, (Doncaster East Primary Care Trust), which holds Ralph Winstanley’s Medical Records. He was thus in a position, both as his GP - with full control of the original GP Medical Records, which also contained part of someone else’s record to hide and block my necessary access to my father's medical records.

26 It is fact that someone else’s GP Medical Record is contained within Ralph Winstanley’s GP Medical Record.

AS YOU CAN SEE, THE RECORD ABOVE – WHICH IS CONTAINED WITHIN Ralph Winstanley’s GP Medical Record, actually belongs to Mark Gale, who was born in 1968 – and whose Health number is 490 369 7169 – or not, depending how you view it. That is the Health Number of Ralph Winstanley as well.

Would that be the Mark Gale, who lives with Ann Gale at Doncaster 7? Or is it the Mark Gale who lives with Lorraine at Doncaster 12? I intend to write and ask them both. It will be interesting to see how they react to such details being found in someone else’s Medical Record. How safe will they then feel that their records are, in your hands?

You must realise that these records will have been seen by numerous people by now, including various members of South Yorkshire Police, an assortment of people at two Coroner’s offices, the staff at the Healthcare Commission – and also of course by Ralph Winstanley’s bemused family.

There is also the question of “what was removed" from Ralph Winstanley’s record, in order to substitute this record which should be in Mark Gale’s file?

It indicates a rather slapdash approach by Dr David J Brown’s Surgery, doesn’t it?

I understand that these records will eventually appear on the NHS ‘National Spine’, where all sorts of medical workers will be allowed access to see that Ralph Winstanley was claimed to have a particular medical condition, whereas Mark Gale possibly was not. Of course it wouldn’t matter to Mark Gale, if he is also dead; but since he was only born in 1968, I suppose that’s not likely?

27 It is fact that there is also an assortment (14), of ‘No Data Recorded’ indications, within Ralph Winstanley’s GP Medical Records.


28 It is fact that Dr David J Brown, as Ralph Winstanley’s GP and as Caldicott Guardian, Doncaster East PCT, seems to be the person who has allowed improperly presented records to be released.

They were released to the Police and to the Coroner – and I believe also to the Healthcare Commission - in a state, which according to the Access to Health Records Act 1990 makes them illegal.

Because of missing information which should be in those records, it is obvious that they have been tampered with, by someone. This act is also illegal. Dr David J Brown has been informed of this, as were the Chief Executives (all four of them) of Doncaster East and Doncaster Central Primary Care Trusts. (Simon Morrit - who moved to West Yorkshire Strategic Health Authority; Jayne Brown - who moved to North and East Yorkshire and Northern Lincolnshire Strategic Health Authority; and the present Chief Excecutives, Ann Ballarini - Doncaster Central PCT and Christine Boswell, Doncaster East PCT)

These are facts for which I have documentary proof. So far as I am aware, nothing has been done to set these matters straight.

Certainly all the signs were set in place ready for my father’s death.

A False entries were made in my father’s GP Medical Records – stating that he had oesophageal cancer, when he did not.

An emergency trip was made by Ambulance, to hospital (DRI), on 11th April 2004, for which my father needed no treatment whatsoever, as the hospital and ambulance records show. When my sister and I saw him within 30 minutes of his admission to hospital he was sitting quietly on a hospital trolley, looking puzzled and asking to go home

C He was an already-drugged patient because 4-hourly Oramorph had been prescribed by Dr David J Brown on 14th April 2004. He was waiting – unknowingly - for the needles and drugs to take him out of life altogether.

D There was an on-call doctor service whose doctors didn’t bother to turn out

E The stand-in GP was prepared to lie, or to guess rather than to check her facts – unless she had been presented with false evidence.

F The Medical Director of a hospice, was prepared also to lie rather than to check her facts – unless she had been presented with false evidence.

G The Director of Public Health, of a Primary Care Trust, Mr Tony Baxter, who seems to have the notion that an ‘expert second opinion’ on Oesophageal Cancer can be supplied by a woman whose job is to help people to die, not to examine whether OR NOT they might have been dying of oesophageal cancer, at all.

H A series of NHS Trusts, whose Directors do not seem to understand the word ‘morality’ – but who understand well how to wall themselves off from the public which they purport to serve.

I A General Medical Council which seems to be content to sit on its backside and do nothing to investigate malpractice

J A Nursing & Midwifery Council which does likewise

K A police force (South Yorkshire),
and two Chief Constables, (Mike Hedges and Meredydd Hughes), which will not investigate a suspicious death – unless a Coroner asks it to – in spite of the legal right of the Chief Constable to act independently of the Coroner. (This same force claims to have the lowest murder rate in the country. Is it any wonder?)

L Two Coroners who will not allow evidence to be presented and will not ask the police force to investigate a suspicious death. Moreover, two Coroners, having been friends for 20 years, who meet in secret at each other’s homes, whilst their office staff assure the relatives that these people would not have contact as documents are passed over.

M A firm of solicitors which is prepared to take public health money in order to threaten innocent members of the public, whose relative is killed – when he had not been dying nor close to death.

N A senior Court which loses documents and delays action, whilst instigating responses, out of time, (against their own rules and remit as Court Staff), from solicitors who have not bothered to do their jobs.

I wonder how many other tidy deaths have taken place in the Doncaster area? The ‘field seems ripe for exploitation.

Have there been other deaths in Doncaster, where the one who is ‘helped to die’ has already had his affairs taken from him and fraudulently disposed of?

Does the Doncaster Coroner who scatters Interim Death Certificates like confetti, (6 Interim Death certificates, were, I understand handed out in the full realisation that there was a ‘caveat’ on Ralph Winstanley’s Estate), whilst stalling the concerned relatives, get paid for it? Is that really the reason why we employ Coroners?

Are the police paid for their deliberate lack of action? The original Chief Constable has retired, where apparently he becomes ‘untouchable’ by the law; keeping both his Queen’s Medal and his large pension. So much for Democracy!

What about the doctors?

It is certain that the two original Chief Executives, Jayne Brown of Doncaster East PCT and Simon Morrit of Doncaster Central PCT have moved on to better jobs with more pay, during the time that my family and I have been fighting for justice because of our father’s killing. These people are still sitting on records, which I have formally asked for – and which might show what drugs were actually prescribed for my father, (other than the ones which we know about.)

Nina Clayton’s dead-head daughter, Rosemary Cheesman, and son-in-law, Frazer Cheesman, who did such sterling work in helping to get drugs from across a wide area of Doncaster (son-in-law), and in backing up Nina Clayton’s lies, (younger daughter), seem to have done rather well out of it all, as did the ‘poor grieving widow’, when she was finally relieved of her burden – my father.

Perhaps as the Executive Committee for a National Health Trust you are all happy to serve on a committee under the Chairmanship of Dr David J Brown? In that case, you are condoning his actions and are all tarred with the same brush.

Perhaps you would consider that the life of each person is precious to that person?

Ralph Winstanley has been dead for 21 months. He seems first to have been stripped of all he possessed – and was certainly stripped of his dignity by the woman who had him killed. This killing was achieved by the use of NHS Trusts – and by certain of the people employed within them – and covered up by people such as you.

Unless you do something positive to bring Dr David J Brown to account for his actions, you are no better than he is. There is also the question of the other doctors who were involved in this death – and the nurses, especially those who it can be demonstrated, altered the records. One of them seems to be under thumb of Nina Clayton and lives close to where my father was killed. With her husband, she runs two Care Homes.

Unless a transparent, thorough, formal investigation is instigated, (to include full evidence which my sister, brothers and I have managed to collate), into what happened to Ralph Winstanley – and why it happened, you will be leaving every vulnerable patient in your area at risk – as they have certainly been for more than 21 months, since Ralph Winstanley was deliberately killed.

But perhaps the syringe is waiting just around the corner for you as well?

That is not a threat by me to you. I do not wield syringes.

I would prefer that in future it is not a threat to anyone else either.

What are you going to do to ensure that?

The documents inserted in this letter show precisely what I was writing about when it was originally sent to you.

My next course of action will be to send it all to the Press.

Make no mistake, this matter will not be over until all aspects of my father’s death are carefully considered and action is taken against those people responsible.

If any more threats are issued by the solicitors Beachcroft Wansbroughs – or anyone else - against my person or against my reputation, such threats will be actively resisted.

So far they have been attacking my own space by sending their threats into my home, which has been under siege for nearly two years now, since my father was murdered in front of me and I began to object to that murder.

My reputation has also been attacked in libellous letters, one to my to internet service provider – which was good enough to supply me with a copy of the letter which was sent, by Beachcroft Wansbroughs.

I will not lie down before any more threats. They will rebound onto you personally.

If you intend to do anything, to set matters straight and to bring about justice for the death of my father and a greater measure of safety for the public which needs medical help, I will expect to hear of it by the end of the week (17th February 2006).

This has now been superseded by this letter from Alan Wittrick, Acting Chief Executive, SYSHA. Therefore I am going to ask the press for help now.

Yours sincerely,

Charlotte Peters Rock
cc Christine Boswell, Doncaster East PCT
Ann Ballarini, Doncaster Central PCT
Dr Gillian Fairfield, Doncaster & South Humber NHS Trust
Alan Wittrick, SYSHA
Barbara Williams, Healthcare Commission
Rt Hon George Osborne for Attention of Secretary of State for Health
Finlay Scott, GMC
Sarah Thewlis, Nursing & Midwifery Council

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