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Why did they need to get rid of him?
Sunday, March 19, 2006
  What Ralph Winstanley's two Consultants thought I must make it absolutely clear, that my family and I are extremely grateful to the two consultants mentioned on this page. Their comments are extremely enlightening. Ralph Winstanley's blood relatives, his four children, are extremely grateful to Dr G Majumdar and Dr G James for their confirmation of their hospital clinic records. What a pity that no-one would believe them before. All the relevant people have had ready access to the records of Dr Majumdar and Dr James, for nearly two years.

Letter - below - from Dr G Majumdar, Consultant Haematologist, Doncaster Royal Infirmary. It is dated 8th March 2006.

You will notice that Dr Majumdar states that, on 5th April 2004, his patient, Ralph Winstanley's, condition:

"from the blood point of view..(his condition).. was not too bad."

and Ralph Winstanley's chronic lymphocytic leukaemia was:

"..still responsive to treatment."

also that Dr Majumdar:

"..prescribed him the usual chemotherapy, which he had regularly to control the disease."

and at the end of the letter, Dr Majumdar states:

"His chronic lymphocytic leukaemia at that time was under reasonable control."

(Dr Majumdar, the gratitude of Ralph Winstanley's blood family is unbounded.Thank you.)

Yet, for some reason, Paul Kelly, (who is, I am told President of the Family Health Service Appeals Authority) stated to be "Assistant Deputy Coroner, North Lincs & Grimsby District" was content to declare - with little reference to fact - that Ralph Winstanley had died of chronic lymphocytic leukaemia and 'natural causes'. Why would that be?
Who would make such a decision.. and what reason would they have for doing so?
Perhaps Paul Kelly would like to contact me to inform me what he thought he was up to? Perhaps Mr J Stewart Atkinson, HM Coroner for North Lincs and Grimsby District, would like to tell me what is going on? For that matter, perhaps Mr Eric Stanley Hooper, HM Coroner, South Yorkshire East District would like to tell me? It seems to me that there is a 'rat in the cupboard'.
However, there are other people who should know. ex-Chief Constable Michael Hedges of South Yorkshire Police Force, might like to give me his opinion, as to why he refused to insist on an investigation of Ralph Winstanley's pre-mature death. Or perhaps Chief Constable, Meredydd Hughes has an opinion of his own, as to why he continued Michael Hedges cover-up of the truth? If so, I would love to hear it.
As you know, I am Ralph Winstanley's elder daughter, Charlotte Peters Rock. I can be contacted at: Holly House, Middlewich Road, Allostock, Knutsford, Cheshire. WA16 9JX - 0156 572 2738 - 07050 183 417 - ralphwinstanley@yahoo.co.uk

Letter from Dr Gary James, Consultant Physician and Gastroenterologist, Doncaster Royal Infirmary. It is dated 14th March 2006.

You will notice that on page 1, Dr James states that, when he was looking for evidence of oesophageal cancer, the results of the first biopsy (13th January 2004), showed:

"..no evidence of oesophageal cancer.."

but being concerned to check if that first biopsy was accurate, he arranged a second biopsy test for six weeks later.

You will read, on page 2, that the second endoscopy with biopsies was performed on 10th March 2004. The results were reported to Consultant Gastroenterologist, Dr James on 15th March 2004. He notes that:

"There was no evidence of malignancy, ie cancer, and no evidence of dysplasia, which are pre-cancerous cells."

In conclusion, Dr James states:

"I can confirm that neither myself nor Dr Atkinson or Dr Karwa gave a terminal prognosis throughout this period. Basically we had not found a reason to do so and even if we had found a cancer, there was no indication that this had reached a terminal phase.."

Well, that seems pretty clear. However, there is a small problem with this information. Dr James is the actual Consultant, who was in charge of the investigations into Ralph Winstanley's 'oesophageal/stomach problems'.

Thank goodness for Dr James. Ralph Winstanley's blood children are really grateful to him. He and Dr Majumdar are like shining beacons, in the darkness - and corruption - of the last two years of our lives.
It is therefore interesting to speculate why both of Ralph Winstanley's daughters were informed that Ralph Winstanley was dying of oesophageal and stomach cancer.?

Various people might be in a position to answer that question.

Nina Anne Clayton, might like to get in touch. It was she who told Dr Kevin Lee that Ralph Winstanley was:


also that he had


Dr Kevin Lee states in his letter (18.05.2004), that she rang him (at 06.18 on Sunday 18th April 2004), about:

"..her husband who had multiple terminal pathologies including Chronic Leukaemia, heart failure, stomach nodules & low protein.."

He goes on to state that she said that his GP, Dr Brown:

"..had given Mr Winstanley a terminal prognosis.."

Perhaps Dr Kevin Lee, of Danum Doctors Services Limited and the Scott Practice, Greenfield Lane, Balby, Doncaster, might like to contact me to tell me why he believed such a story, heard only over a telephone line, from a woman not medically trained? Why did he not go to see 'the patient' before prescribing the drugs which killed him?

And Dr Jonathan Bundy, of Field Road Surgery, Stainforth Doncaster and Danum Doctors Services Limited of The Old Ambulance Station, Armthorpe Road, Doncaster: why did he prescribe both Midazolam and Haloperidol to a patient he did not see? Perhaps he might like now to contact me and state whether he was acting in collusion with Dr David J Brown and Dr Rachel S Sykes and Nina Anne Clayton? I would be very interested to know.

Nina Anne Clayton's younger daughter, Rosemary Alice Cheesman of Hunter's Moon, Pinfold Lane, Moss, Doncaster, might also like to explain why she followed nurses round, stating that he was 'retching' when he was doing no such thing.

Her son-in-law, Frazer John Cheesman of Hunter's Moon, Pinfold Lane, Moss, Doncaster, might like to explain why he was so helpful in scouring the entire area of greater Doncaster, for drugs which should have been readily available at the local pharmacy. Also why he would not let Ralph Winstanley's elder daughter, fetch the prescriptions, as she is - more than - competent at finding chemist's shops. Why was she not allowed to fetch the drugs which they all stated were for her own father's 'terminal care'?

Dr David J Brown of Field Road Surgery, Stainforth, Doncaster, might contact me to say why - exactly - he had given my father, Ralph Winstanley a 'terminal prognosis'? Was it because we all will die at sometime? Or did he have some other reason? Could that reason have been connected with the letter which Dr David J Brown wrote, in respect of his 'so-called will', one month after Ralph Winstanley had been killed?

Dr Rachel S Sykes, of Field Road, Surgery, Stainforth, Doncaster, could also contact me, to tell me and my sister, why - exactly - she told us that our father, 'was dying of oesophageal and stomach cancer', when he had no such thing?

Also perhaps I could ask that Dr Gillian Harding, the Medical Director of St John's Hospice, Weston Road, Balby, Doncaster, could contact me so that she can now explain why she assured my sister and I - several times - that our father 'was definitely dying of oesophageal and stomach cancer', when that just wasn't true?

FACT: Professor Helen Whitwell's Pathology Report stated that:

"In my opinion the cause of death is:
1.a Bronchopneumonia
1.b Disseminated lymphocytic lymphoma."

Ralph Winstanley certainly did not have Bronchopneumonia on the 18th April 2004, when the final assault by 'health professionals' took place. Though it is probably perfectly reasonable to suggest that he did have it by the time he succumbed to their 'treatment', six long days and nights later. You will have read - in the letter above - what his Consultant Haematologist, Dr Majumdar states about his chronic lymphocytic leukaemia.

This is page 2 of Dr Gary James letter (page 1 is above)

Also there are various other people; a Nurse Manager; several Nursing Sisters; several Registered General Nurses; a Director of Public Health; one ex-Chief Constable; one currently serving Chief Constable; several other high-ranking police officers; a complete Police Authority; Her Majesty's Coroner, South Yorkshire East District; Her Majesty's Coroner, North Lincs and Grimsby District; who really should be asking themeselves whether it has been fraudulent to take the money for their jobs, when they either refused to do their jobs or were so incompetent that they should have been sacked from their jobs.

This is a matter of the murder of an old and vulnerable man, in his bed, using the very people who should have kept him safe. It is also a matter of complete abrogation of duty, by those people paid as public servants to ensure that the Law is upheld. Further it is a matter of a two year long cover-up of that murder, by large numbers of health professionals and Directors of NHS Trusts in Doncaster and Directors of South Yorkshire Health Authority.

I will have more to say on this matter. These people, and the others involved, will all be named,
one by one.

The number of agencies to whom Ralph Winstanley's blood family have turned, over the last two years, for help - and who have turned us down for that help which they are being paid to give - is utterly shocking.

It includes
1. The Healthcare Commission,
2. The Health Ombudsman,
3. The Independent Police Complaints Commission,
4. The Home Secretary,
5. The Secretary of State for Health,
5. The Head of Constitutional Affairs,
6.The Coroners Unit,
7. The Crown Prosecution Service.

There are also others. But because there are so many, it is difficult to retain all their useless names in my head, so I will leave it for now. But I will be coming back to it. And.. yes.. I do have letters from all of those agencies which will be mentioned - and copies to the posting in which they appear.

Will there be anything like Justice, at the end of this? All I can say about that is:

"Don't hold your breath. Your face will turn blue."

(on the other hand, it is remarkably uplifting to see that there are a few, a very few people, who are honest and professional - and who care about what they do.)

Charlotte Peters Rock
Ralph Winstanley's elder daughter - who is still looking for justice.

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