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Why did they need to get rid of him?
Saturday, April 15, 2006
  Accessories Before During and After the Fact of Murder

From: Charlotte Peters Rock, Holly House, Middlewich Road, Allostock, Knutsford, Cheshire. WA16 9JX
0156 572 2738 – 07050 183 417 –

To all recipients,

Nina Anne Clayton of Grange Farm, Pinfold Lane, Moss, Doncaster. DN6 0ED, and her younger daughter, Rosemary Alice Cheesman of Hunters Moon, Pinfold Lane, Moss, Doncaster. DN6 0ED, have been free of my father, Ralph Winstanley for nearly two years, since they had him killed on the National Health.

He was stated, by Nina Anne Clayton to be ‘destitute’ when he died. Perhaps that was why he died? He had been quite a rich old man. Someone seems to have fleeced him. I am aware that bank accounts, which were in his sole name, were being run by other people. I am aware that those people left him destitute

Whatever the reason, what is certain is that statements were made, by both Nina Anne Clayton and her daughter Rosemary Alice Cheesman, which just weren’t true. I am sure that you will be thinking that ‘the odd little lie’ does not matter so much?

The problem is that these lies were told not only to Ralph Winstanley’s own daughters, but to the on-call doctors at Danum Doctors Services Limited, a large number of nurses, various other doctors, including the Medical Director of a Hospice – and to numerous other people including the Police Force, the Coroner’s service, financial institutions and the general public.

There is a great deal of information about those lies on the web site, which I set up to gain justice for my father’s death.
http://ralphwinstanleyofwath.blogspot.com/ (see also – list of pages below)

In the interests of your own safety and security – especially if you live in the village of Moss, or know these women - I would suggest that you visit the site and read your way round. Should you not be computer literate, there is help available - and usually free use of computers and the internet - at most libraries.

On the web pages mentioned below, you will find medical records, and proof of the lies, and letters from some of the doctors involved, and from Ralph Winstanley’s two Consultants, both of whom state that he had not been dying.

20 Mar 2006 What Ralph Winstanley's two Consultants thought
16Mar 2006 How the National Health Service helped Nina Anne Clayton
10Mar2006 Health Board and Trust Members who are covering up the Murder
12Feb2006 Proof of Murder?

So why has South Yorkshire Police Force not arrested this murderous pair?

That is an interesting question. Perhaps some of the members of the Force were involved socially with Nina Anne Clayton? I don’t know if that is the case, but I do wonder. In that case, what rank would such a person - or such people - need to be?

What I am certain of is that two Chief Constables of South Yorkshire Police Force, Mike Hedges and Meredydd Hughes, have consistently refused, in spite of many requests from my sister, my brothers and myself – and over two years – to investigate my father, Ralph Winstanley’s, obvious murder.

More than that, Her Majesty’s Coroner, South Yorkshire East District, ES Hooper, refused for 12 months (April 2004-April 2005), to call for an investigation into my father, Ralph Winstanley’s death.

He then handed the case over to his good friend, Paul Kelly, who is styled “Assistant Deputy Coroner”, North Lincs and Grimsby District. There is currently some doubt as to whether Paul Kelly has ever been employed by Her Majesty’s Coronal Service in England. Do take a look at the evidence.

Paul Kelly, having refused to deal adequately with any of my father’s blood family, in spite of the large amount of evidence which we supplied to him, proceeded to run what I can only believe was an entirely corrupt inquest. He was prepared to sit, at Scunthorpe Coroner’s Court, in the full glare of the National Press, on 5th October 2005 and make an utter mockery of my father’s so-called ‘inquest’.

Presumably it was done with the full knowledge of HM Coroner, North Lincs and Grimsby District, J Stewart Atkinson? After all, the Court space had to be booked. The Coroner’s Officers and Coroners Administrator were used in this fiasco.

The verdict, which my family was aware was pre-determined, possibly before our father’s killing, was that he died of ‘natural causes’.

This mockery flies in the face of natural justice and the Law of the Land.

So why have they not all been arrested? Why is Nina Anne Clayton not currently languishing in jail, where I believe she belongs? Why is her younger daughter, Rosemary Alice Cheesman, still allowed to remain (in her newly acquired riches), in that large new house next door to her mother, rather than joining her in a cell?

It certainly makes me feel a little less safe in my bed, to know that this is what happens when someone is murdered.

I fear for the people who live close by these women. Also, I fear for anyone in the area who asks for help from the local doctors and nurses. My sister and I have found them to be – at least – totally unprofessional.

Then there is the police service, which I had called for help. It was used illegally, to warn my sister and me away the village of Moss, on the afternoon of our father’s murder. Since that time that same police force has claimed, to outsiders, that my father’s death has been investigated, whilst doing absolutely nothing to actually investigate it.

I have been told, by Detective Superintendent Robert Haworth that it is the policy of South Yorkshire Police, not to investigate any suspicious death, unless HM Coroner asks it to.

Some are relatives and some are friends of Nina Anne Clayton.
Some claimed to be friends of Ralph Winstanley.
Some took part in the killing.
Some lied about it afterwards.
Some have refused to call for any investigation into the killing.
Some have refused to investigate the killing.
Some – for the basest of motives (money and position) – are covering up the killing.


Gordon Denton, Soldanella, Marsh Road, Crowle, Scunthorpe. South Humberside. DN17 4EU
Roger (ex-police), and Yvonne Barrett, Copperfields, Bone Lane, Campsall, Doncaster. DN6 9AW
Sandy and Keith Goodwin, Tame Valley Stud, 23 Spring Lane, Packington, Ashby-de-la-Zouche, Leicestershire. LE65 1WU
Mary and Brian Shields, Ringstead House, Station Street, Rippingale, Bourne, Lincs. PE10 0TA Ernest Bird, Byways, Hangmanstone Lane, High Melton, Doncaster. DN5 7TA
Undertaker and Doncaster MBC Councillor Richard Walker, 22 Fieldside, Thorne, Doncaster. DN8 4BQ
Debbie Unsworth, Park House Farm, Fosterhouses, Fishlake, Doncaster. DN7 5LD
Duncan Bell, who is stated to formerly have lived with Debbie Unsworth
Janet and Martin Hunton, The Old George, Broad Lane, Sykehouse, Goole. DN14 9AU
Stephanie, (Nina Anne Clayton’s sister), Campsall Fish Bar, 6a East View, Campsall, Doncaster. DN6 9NT
Jill Ward, 143 Campsall Park Road, Campsall, Doncaster. DN6 9SA (formerly of Fir Tree Farm Trumfleet Lane, Moss)
Ivor Williams, Randan Stud, Middle Hengoed Farm, Huntington, Kington, Herefordshire.
Kerry and Steven Evans, The Pinfold, Pinfold Lane, Moss, Doncaster. DN6 0ED
Frazer and Rosemary Cheesman, Hunters Moon, Pinfold Lane, Moss, Doncaster. DN6 0ED
Janet Midgley and Tony Dearden, 6 Manor Drive, Cadeby, Doncaster. DN5 7SP
Eve Atherfold, The Vicarage, Church Lane, Fishlake, Doncaster. DN7 5JW (formerly of Padgate House, Trumfleet Lane, Moss)

They are all Accessories Before, During or After the Fact of Murder; in some cases, all three.

Those who helped to kill Ralph Winstanley, came from across three Doncaster NHS Trusts:

Doncaster East Primary Care Trust,
Doncaster Central Primary Care Trust,
Doncaster and South Humber NHS Trust.

They killed him following lies which were continuously told, by Nina Anne Clayton and her younger daughter Rosemary Alice Cheesman, from 9th March 2004 and during the six days and nights, 18th -23rd April 2004, until he was dead. They are:

Dr Kevin Lee, Danum Doctors Services Limited - also of the Scott Practice, Balby
Nursing Sister S Zadrozny - who lives at DN4
Nursing Sister JD Lawrie
Dr Jonathan Bundy – Field Road Surgery, Stainforth
Dr David J Brown – Field Road Surgery, Stainforth – Ralph Winstanley’s GP - who lives in Barnby Dun
RGN K Watts
RGN B Shannon
C Morris
District Nursing Sister Julie Marshall
Dr Rachel S Sykes
– Field Road Surgery, Stainforth - who lives at Fishlake
RGN Lorna Clark
RGN Hopkinson
NA J Ellis
RGN S Grimshaw
District Nursing Sister S Edgeware
Hospice-at-home Organiser and Lead Palliative Care Nurse, Val Derks – St John’s Hospice, Weston Road, Balby
Dr Gillian Harding – Medical Director, St John’s Hospice, Weston Road, Balby
District Nursing Sister ME Andrews
CNN Nurse Brenda Rigo
Dr Tony Baxter, Director of Public Health
, Doncaster East Primary Care Trust
Nurse Manager, Sheila Blow, Cantley Health Centre

Those people mentioned above are all regarded as professionals. That means that we trust them – and they are paid – to be professional.

Not one of them would listen when my sister and I realised that our father, Ralph Winstanley, had not been dying.
Not one of them has come forward since his death, to help us to gain justice for what they helped to do.
Various of those people lied to us as my father was being killed. They were prepared to state that he was dying of oesophageal and stomach cancer, when they knew that was not true.

Below are the people who, being fully aware – because I have provided them with evidence, via the web site and in writing – that my father’s death was pre-mature, have refused to insist on a full police investigation into what happened.

These people I regard as being particularly reprehensible, because they have knowingly and deliberately left other old, ill and vulnerable people at risk.


Kathryn Riddle
- Chairman

Dean Fathers
Ian Walker
Pauline Ackland MBE
Jane Fenwick
Rhianon Billingsley
Alan Wittrick - Chief Executive
Julia Newton - Director of Finance
Mike Farrar – ex-Chief Executive – (now moved to be Chief Executive of West Yorkshire Strategic Health Authority)

Dr Chris Bentley - Director of Public Health
Annette Laban - Director of Performance
Susan White - Director of Business Development and External Affairs
Professor P Enderby

DONCASTER EAST PRIMARY CARE TRUST BOARD MEMBERS (which is working outside its own remit “Code of Conduct for the Trust Board and Executive Committee” – see web site)

Roger Greenwood
- Chairman

Jayne Brown - ex Chief Executive - (now Director of Health and Performance Improvement, North & East Yorkshire and North Lincolnshire Strategic Health Authority)
Mrs. Christine Boswell - Chief Executive
Mr. John Gillis - Non Executive Director
Mrs. Pamela Horner - Non Executive Director
Mr. Keith Marriott - Non Executive Director
Mrs. Marie Milman - Non Executive Director

Mrs. Margaret Snow - Non Executive Director
Mr. Chris Stainforth - Director of Finance
Mrs. Sally Rands - Director of Operational Services
Dr. Tony Baxter - Director of Public Health
Dr. David Brown - Executive Committee Chairman (of Field Road Surgery, Stainforth. Also he was Ralph Winstanley’s GP – and Caldicott Guardian for the Trust, until recently)


Dr. David Brown
– Chairman (also see above)

Dr. Shabbir Ahmad - GP Representative
Dr. L M Adams - GP Representative
Dr. John C. Bundy - GP Representative (also of field Road surgery, Stainforth, and of Danum Doctors Services Limited – involved in prescribing on 18th April 2004)
Dr. Rumit Shah - GP Representative
Ms. Collette Bake - Nurse Representative
Mrs. Christine Prewett - Nurse Representative
Mrs. Joan Beck - Social Services Representative
Mrs. Norma Lauder - Professions Allied to Medicine Representative

Mrs. Sally Rands - Director of Operational Services
Mrs. Helen E. Beard - Director of Development
Mr. Chris Stainforth - Director of Finance
Dr. Tony Baxtor - Director of Public Health (who allowed the killing to proceed – and seems to have no idea of what a specialist second opinion is. He’s just returning to General Medicine, locally)
Mr. Simon Vernon - Community Pharmacist.


Roni Chapman - Chairman
Dr Alistair Graves - Chairman of the Executive Committee
Sandra Parnham - non-Executive Director
Henry Curtis - non-Executive Director
Tony Rawlings - non-Executive Director
David Spivey - non-Executive Director
Simon Morritt – ex-Chief Executive – (now Director of Performance and Development, West Yorkshire Strategic Health Authority)
Parveen Shafiq - Non Executive Director
Jill Morris - non-Executive Director

Linda Kellett - Director of Intermediate Care and Speciality Services
Dr John Cornell - Director of Public Health and Health Policy (and Caldicott Guardian)
Paul Wilkin - Director of Finance and Performance
Joanne Webster - Acting Director of Strategic Development
Ann Ballarini - Acting Chief Executive


Dr Alistair Graves – Chairman
Ann Ballarini - Acting Chief Executive
Joanne Webster - Acting Director of Strategic Development Commissioning
Paul Wilkin - Director of Finance and Performance
Dr John Cornell - Director of Public Health
Dr Kevin Lee - GP Representative – ( also of Danum Doctors Services and The Scott Practice. He prescribed ‘terminal care’ for the first time, without ever seeing the ‘patient’.)
Dr John Felton - GP Representative
Suzanne Bolam - Allied Health Professional Representative
Maureen Bierne - Nurse Representative

Ros Morris - Nurse Representative
Helen Briggs - Social Services Representative
Linda Kellett - Director if Intermediate and Speciality Care Services
Steve Davies - Head of Prescribing
Darren Powell - Community Pharmacist
Richard Allot – Dentist

Mrs Elizabeth Hedge, COMPLAINTS MANAGER, Doncaster East and Central Primary Care Trusts

The Nursing and Midwifery Council

The General Medical Council

Professor Tim Illidge, CRUK Patterson Institute and Christie Hospital Trust – (who signed a biased Report, based on fiction – with glaring inaccuracies, even after I loaned him the medical records. )


ES Hooper, HM Coroner, South Yorkshire East District
(Thurlow House, Station Road, Epworth, DN9 1JU)
Mike Hedges, Chief Constable, South Yorkshire Police Force (until end of August 2004)
(10 Kirkstall Close, Anston, Sheffield. S255BA)
Meredydd Hughes, Chief Constable, South Yorkshire Police Force, (after August 2004, but previously Deputy Chief Constable with the same force)
Police Speed Czar . He lives in Sheffield.
Paul Kelly – styled ‘Assistant Deputy Coroner”, North Lincs & Grimsby District. This man is on the Standards Committee for North Lincs Council, having submitted his own name. He is also President of the Family Health Service Appeals Authority). He lives in Scunthorpe.

J Stewart Atkinson, HM Coroner, North Lincs & Grimsby District – who was aware of what was happening in his own coronal district and as HM Coroner, is legally required (Coroners Act 1988), to run all his own inquests.

Gary Garland, IPCC Commissioner

Barbara Williams, Healthcare Commission

Home Secretary

Secretary of State for Health

Head of Constitutional Affairs


Assistant Chief Constable Ian Daines
Assistant Chief Constable, Steve Chamberlain
Detective Chief Superintendent John Hudson
Chief Superintendent Steven King
Chief Superintendent Graham Cassidy
Superintendent Adrian Teague
Detective Superintendent Robert Haworth



Jimmy Rae
John Parkinson
Aidan Rave
Barbara Hoyle
Caven Vines
Reg Littleboy
Jan Fiore
Peter Moore
Sylvia Anginotti


Mohammad Ishmail JP
Frank Beevers JP
Charles Perryman JP

Alan Hartley MBE– Chairman
Rosemary Brown
Sue Womack
Dr Choudry Walayat MBE


Bill Wilkinson – Clerk & Treasurer
Mike Sanderson, Assistant Clerk
Margaret Jaworski – Assistant Treasurer
Maureen Oades – Assistant Clerk and solicitor
Richard Simmons – Chief Internal Auditor
Steph Barker – Head of Personnel & Administrative Services
William Kirby – Payments and Revenues
(This is the paid team which - in theory - oversee that the Police Force does the job for which the Authority has to release the money.)

You will notice that most of the people above take public money to keep us healthy or safe in our beds or both. Because of their refusal to investigate, I believe they are taking that money under false pretences.

I know that my father’s murder has not yet been investigated adequately, by anyone other than his own blood relatives. We have found enough damning evidence to show exactly why he died – when he had not been dying – and who was responsible for his death.

NOTE WELL: If any of those people mentioned above has genuinely tried to help – and can show me that – I am more than prepared to state that, both in writing to them and on my father’s web site. It is not my aim to be unfair, but to gain justice; and to prevent other unnecessary deaths.
Should anyone wish to contact me about this information, I would welcome it.

Charlotte Peters Rock, Holly House, Middlewich Road, Allostock, Knutsford, Cheshire. WA16 9JX0156 572 2738 – 07050 183 417 –

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