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Why did they need to get rid of him?
Wednesday, January 18, 2006
  An open letter to The Executive Committee of Doncaster East Primary Care Trust In respect of Dr David J Brown of Field Road Surgery, Stainforth

When Dr David J Brown was taken on as Chairman of Doncaster East Primary Care Trust, Executive Committee, did he first give you the facts in relation to his dead patient Ralph Winstanley?

In agreeing to pay him for being the Chairman of the Executive Committee was account taken of:
The fact that Dr David J Brown was the GP in overall and day to day charge of Ralph Winstanley’s treatment when he was killed on 23rd April 2004.

The fact that Dr David J Brown noted that Ralph Winstanley had difficulties with his memory. In his Medical Records in 1992 Dr David J Brown wrote:

“06/03/1992 LOSS OF MEMORY 4 EPISODES IN 14 YEARS Dr D Brown”

So Dr David J Brown was fully aware that Ralph Winstanley had mental difficulties. He had been aware of at least these difficulties for at least 12 years.

The fact that Dr David J Brown wrote a letter, (28 May 2004), to Mr Jonathan Goodwin, solicitor, of Bridge Sanderson Munro, Doncaster, only one month after Ralph Winstanley had been killed, in respect of a very dubious will which he seems to have been involved in, stating,

“I saw Mr Winstanley in December, twice in January, twice in February and three times in March and at no time during that period did any question arise regarding impairment of his mental health.”

This man, who is, in my opinion a charlatan, even had the brass cheek to state that:

“..6 years ago I was recognised as having special skills in examining patients under the Mental Health Act, becoming a Section 12 approved doctor under that act and I confirm that with my special experience in mental health examinations, during the time when Mr Winstanley was preparing his will, no doubts arose concerning his mental state, although I did not undertake a formal examination of his mental health as such.”

Since he claims these qualifications he should also realise that they were set in place to prevent over-inflated statements such as the one above. In fact the Mental Health Act 1990 requires two doctors to agree at two separate formal consultations, about the state of a person’s mental health. That is one of the reasons why I believe him to be a charlatan.

The fact that he was fully aware that Ralph Winstanley’s life – including his health - was being run by Nina Clayton, who together with her younger daughter, Rosemary Cheesman, also had her hands on his financial affairs, all without the knowledge of his blood relatives, all of whom were readily contactable, if only through his own younger daughter, Linda Kirby, who saw him regularly.

There are various notes in Ralph Winstanley’s medical records which show that he did not control his own affairs, and that Dr David J Brown was fully aware of that. It was often not Ralph Winstanley but Nina Clayton who consulted Dr David J Brown. One note, as far back as 28th March 1994 states:


Dr David J Brown was fully aware, because of regular consultation made by Nina Clayton, that Ralph Winstanley also did not have any control over his medical treatment.

The fact that Dr David J Brown was fully aware that Ralph Winstanley had had two endoscopies with biopsies in 2004 - which had both been returned clear - because Dr David J Brown had sent him for them.

They took place on 13th January and 10th March, with results which showed that there was nothing wrong with Ralph Winstanley’s stomach nor with his oesophagus. This information was also readily available in Ralph Winstanley’s computerised Medical Records, at Dr David J Brown’s Field Road Surgery and at Doncaster Royal Infirmary. So why did Dr David J Brown make the note in Ralph Winstanley’s Medical records on 15th March 2004, stating firmly:

“15/03/2004 oesophageal cancer see 2nd endoscopy report Dr D Brown”?
(The question mark is mine. There was no question mark in the medical record.)

Was he trying to push Ralph Winstanley into his grave? Deprived of his entire finances, had Ralph Winstanley become economically unviable to Dr David J Brown, who seems to have shown so much interest in his so-called ‘will’?

The fact that because of this takeover of his life, Ralph Winstanley was assaulted by treatment which he neither wanted nor needed. This resulted in his death because of that so-called ‘treatment’. His death was achieved using, lies to an on-call doctor service, whose doctors didn’t bother to turn out, whilst prescribing a cocktail of noxious drugs. The precious, publicly paid for resources, nurses and doctors of three NHS Trusts, were used to complete this killing, as Dr David J Brown is fully aware.

The fact that Dr David J Brown was in control of the treatment which Ralph Winstanley received, since Ralph Winstanley was under his care when he died on 23rd April 2004.

The fact that he dispensed Oramorph (morphine-by-mouth), every 4 hours, to Ralph Winstanley on 14th April 2004, for no discernable recorded reason. The only problem with which Ralph Winstanley presented was that he couldn’t sleep lying down. Since he had just completed another course of Fludarabine, in his successful treatment for Chronic Lymphocytic Leukaemia, I suppose he could be expected to be feeling some effects of what is, after all, a noxious drug. Couldn’t he? One of those effects could be expected to be inability to eat. Morphine would hardly help with that, would it?

On the other hand it did make Ralph Winstanley a pushover, when it came to the time to fill him up with Diamorphine, Haloperidol and Midazolam, following lies told to the on-call doctors service.

Dr David J Brown wrote in his Medical Record that Ralph Winstanley had been seen at Doncaster Royal Infirmary over the weekend (11 April 2004), for chest pain. On the other hand Ralph Winstanley had stated to both of this daughters at DRI that he had no pain. He made it obvious that he didn’t know why he was at DRI. His breathing had been OK. Not laboured. Nor was he gasping for breath. Having been keen to leave, since he arrived, he was discharged within three hours of arriving – with no treatment.

The fact that two of Dr David J Brown’s colleagues were instrumental in Ralph Winstanley’s death, since:

a Dr Jonathan Bundy was, (according to Dr Kevin Lee’s letter of 18th May 2004), involved in the prescribing of part of the drugs cocktail delivered - unusually - through two syringe-drivers, when Ralph Winstanley was perfectly capable of taking medication by mouth at the time, and continued to be capable even 24 hours after those drugs began to infiltrate his reasoning. Neither Dr Jonathan Bundy nor Dr Kevin Lee nor any other doctor, saw Ralph Winstanley, until the drugs cocktail had been going into him for over 24 hours. Dr Bundy works both at the Field Road Practice of Dr David J Brown and during his spare time he makes extra money at Danum Doctors Services Ltd, along with Dr Kevin Lee. I note that he is also a GP Representative on the Executive of Doncaster East PCT.

b Dr Rachel S Sykes, who was nominally in charge of Ralph Winstanley, though she didn’t turn up to see him until 24 hours after the first syringe- driver, containing Diamorphine and Haloperidol, was set up and running and Midazolam had already been injected into him – as he was also continued on Oramorph. When Ralph Winstanley tried, ineffectually in his already drugged state, to pull out the needles, it was Dr Sykes who upped the drug dosages, stating that he had ‘terminal agitation’.

Dr Rachel S Sykes also stated, several times and quite positively, to both of Ralph Winstanley’s own daughters, that he was dying of oesophageal and stomach cancer, as she continued with the treatment of Diamorphine, Haloperidol and Midazolam, which was still going into his body as he finally died.

Ten months later, we finally saw a copy of Ralph Winstanley’s Pathology Report, which showed that there had been nothing wrong with his oesophagus nor with his stomach.

The fact that this smart-arse doctor, Dr David J Brown, has refused over and over again to deal in a sensible or professional way with the concerned blood family of Ralph Winstanley, even initially, though as a family GP he is supposed to do this as a matter of course.

The fact that Dr David J Brown was – and still is - Caldicott Guardian for the very Trust, (Doncaster East Primary Care Trust), which held Ralph Winstanley’s Medical Records. He was thus in a position, both as his GP - with full control of the original records – and as the person entrusted by the PCT, to release Medical Records to the patient, (in this case concerned blood relatives of the deceased).

The fact that Dr Brown has allowed improperly presented records to be released. Because of missing documents which should be in those records, it is obvious that they have been tampered with, by someone. This act is illegal as was the release of those records, as stated in the Access to Health Records Act 1990. Dr David J Brown has been informed of this, as were the Chief Executives (all four of them) of Doncaster East and Doncaster Central Primary Care Trusts.

These are facts for which I have documentary proof, which I am willing to show to the entire Executive Committee.

Perhaps as the Executive Committee for a National Health Trust you are all happy to serve on a committee under this man’s Chairmanship? In that case, you are condoning his actions and are tarred with the same brush.

Perhaps you would consider that the life of each person is precious to that person.

Ralph Winstanley has been dead for 21 months. On the 25th January it would have been his birthday. Unless you do something positive to bring Dr David J Brown to account for his actions, you are no better than he is.

Unless a transparent, thorough, formal investigation is instigated, into what happened to Ralph Winstanley – and why it happened, you will be leaving every vulnerable patient in your area at risk – as they have certainly been for more than 21 months, since Ralph Winstanley was killed.

But perhaps the syringe is waiting just around the corner for you as well?

That is not a threat by me to you. I do not wield syringes.

I would prefer that in future it is not a threat to anyone else either.

What are you going to do to ensure that?

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