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Why did they need to get rid of him?
Saturday, February 18, 2006
  Health Board and Trust Members who are covering up the murder of Ralph Winstanley (Scroll down for the names of all of the Board and Trust Members who are deliberately covering up the killing of Ralph Winstanley, which was achieved on the National Health Service)

This woman
Jane Fenwick, is a non-executive Director of South Yorkshire Strategic Health Authority - which is in England.

More to the point, she is the woman who threw out two members of the public, who asked questions at the Public Consultation Meeeting, at The New Hall, Bawtry, Doncaster South Yorkshire, on 17th February 2006.
That meeting was obviously held because of legal requirement.

On the other hand it was hardly advertised, so how would the publc know that it was on?

It consisted of five panel members - and Christine Boswell, who chose to avoid the limelight by sitting in the 'audience' - perhaps to pad it out, as the other NHS paid people also seemed to be doing? Certainly the 'audience' would have been a bit thin otherwise, particularly once some of its members were thrown out.

In total there were only 28 people at that meeting - a small rise from the previous week's - hardly advertised - meeting at Doncaster, where only 22 people were in the room.

The interesting thing about the 'audience' is that it was very obviously padded out well with members of the trusts, who were paid to be there.

Last night there were only about 10 members of the general public - of which two were asked to leave because the questions they asked were not liked, by the person above. Last week there had only been 4 members of the general public.

As last week, lots of photocopied documents, saying very little, were pushed at the public. Was that so that bumph for 60 could be distributed and that number could be put down as having been at the Meeting? It certainly makes me wonder.

However, the real treat of the evening was the policeman, who had been called to attend. He spent at least two hours in that building, brought in as a personal threat to me, because I had asked questions and requested a formal interview with members of the three trusts whose staff had been used to kill my father. I had made this request in a calm way and asked that the SYSHA should also be at the meeting.

I had not disrupted the meeting - waiting quitetly until question time and putting up my hand to ask the question. The Chief Executive of SYSHA, Alan Wittrick had invited me to ask my questions.

He had then sent me a threatening letter, with no information about the meeting which I had requested.

I am becoming really disturbed about the constant balckening of my name. It seems that the police had been told that I had disrupted the previous meeting. I had not.

Folling my removal from thlast night's meeting (17th Feb), I am told that a further attempt was made to blacken my name, that I was accused by one of the audience 'plants' of being 'mad' and that a prepared refutation was read out by the woman above, giving me no opportuinity to respond.

I would point out to the various people responsible for the mass cover-up which has gone on in respect of my father's murder, using doctors and nurses (and 7 Nursing Sisters - whose names will shortly be on this site), that they now hold responsibility for this murder, and for any other murders achieved using their staff.

Because they have been fully informed about what happened and why it happened, with full documentary evidence to prove what I state, they are all now culpable.

The list - below - has the names of those Directors who are now refusing to put a stop to the dreadful loopholes in their ramshackle system, which allowed the killing of my father in his bed, and which, with full knowledge, have now left other people at risk for nearly two years.

These people are all Accessories After The Fact of Murder. They are all fully aware of what happened, because I have made them aware of it, individually. They are taking a lot of public money between them, to look after our health. Hiding murder is not within their remit.

South Yorkshire Strategic Health Authority Board Members
Kathryn Riddle - Chairman
Dean Fathers
Ian Walker
Pauline Ackland MBE
Jane Fenwick
Rhianon Billingsley
Alan Wittrick - Chief Executive
Mike Farrar - former Chief Executive
Julia Newton - Director of Finance
Dr Chris Bentley - Director of Public Health
Annette Laban - Director of Performance
Susan White - Director of Business Development and External Affairs
Professor P Enderby

Doncaster East Primary Care Trust Board Members

(which is working outside its own remit Code of Conduct for the Trust Board and Executive Committee
Mr. Roger Greenwood Chairman
Jayne Brown - ex Chief Executive - (now moved to North & East Yorkshire and North Lincolnshire Strategic Health Authority)
Mrs. Christine Boswell - Chief Executive
Mr. John Gillis - Non Executive Director
Mrs. Pamela Horner - Non Executive Director
Mr. Keith Marriott - Non Executive Director
Mrs. Marie Milman - Non Executive Director
Mrs. Margaret Snow - Non Executive Director
Mr. Chris Stainforth - Director of Finance
Mrs. Sally Rands - Director of Operational Services
Dr. Tony Baxter - Director of Public Health
Dr. David Brown - Executive Committee Chairman

Doncaster East Primary Care Trust Executive Committee

Dr. David Brown - Chairman
Dr. Shabbir Ahmad - GP Representative
Dr. L M Adams - GP Representative
Dr. John C. Bundy - GP Representative
Dr. Rumit Shah - GP Representative
Ms. Collette Bake - Nurse Representative
Mrs. Christine Prewett - Nurse Representative
Mrs. Joan Beck - Social Services Representative
Mrs. Norma Lauder - Professions Allied to Medicine Representative
Mrs. Sally Rands - Director of Operational Services
Mrs. Helen E. Beard - Director of Development
Mr. Chris Stainforth - Director of Finance
Dr. Tony Baxtor - Director of Public Health
Mr. Simon Vernon - Community Pharmacist.

Doncaster Central Primary Care Trust Board Members

Roni Chapman - Chairman
Dr Alistair Graves - Chairman of the Executive Committee
Sandra Parnham - non-Executive Director
Henry Curtis - non-Executive Director
Tony Rawlings - non-Executive Director
David Spivey - non-Executive Director
Parveen Shafiq - Non Executive Director
Jill Morris - non-Executive Director
Linda Kellett - Director of Intermediate Care and Speciality Services
Dr John Cornell - Director of Public Health and Health Policy
Paul Wilkin - Director of Finance and Performance
Joanne Webster - Acting Director of Strategic Development
Ann Ballarini - Acting Chief Executive

Doncaster Central Primary Care Trust Executive Committee Members

Dr Alistair Graves - Chairman
Ann Ballarini - Acting Chief Executive
Joanne Webster - Acting Director of Strategic Development Commissioning
Paul Wilkin - Director of Finance and Performance
Dr John Cornell - Director of Public Health
Dr Kevin Lee - GP Representative
Dr John Felton - GP Representative
Suzanne Bolam Allied Health Professional Representative
Maureen Bierne - Nurse Representative
Ros Morris - Nurse Representative
Helen Briggs - Social Services Representative
Linda Kellett - Director if Intermediate and Speciality Care Services
Steve Davies - Head of Prescribing
Darren Powell - Community Pharmacist
Richard Allot - Dentist

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