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Why did they need to get rid of him?
Monday, March 27, 2006
  Report of Professor Tim Illidge of CRUK Paterson Institute and Christie NHS Trust As an introduction to the Report of Professor Illidge, Ralph Winstanley's blood family state that Ralph Winstanley was killed, using lies told by Nina Anne Clayton and her daugher, Rosemary Alice Cheesman. Also using the on-call doctor service - whose doctors did not ever see the patient - and a range of other doctors and nurses, from across THREE NHS Trusts, as detailed in other areas of this site.

His own GP, Dr David J Brown, had put him on 4-hourly Morphine-by-mouth on 14th April 2004, as he was trying to recover from very recent chemotherapy, (05-10/11 April), though there is no indication that he was experiencing any pain.

Four days later, on 18th April Nina Anne Clayton called the on-call doctor service. At that time, Ralph Winstanley was walking, sitting standing, with no aid whatsoever. He was able to eat, drink, and take tablets with no problems. He was holding sensible conversations, though speaking slowly, (because of the Morphine-by-mouth?).

Even 24 hours after the first syringe-driver needle had gone into his thigh, he could still walk and talk and sit and stand, unaided. He kept stating that he was not in any pain.

Perhaps because of the Morphine already in his system, he had no resistance to the injections, drugs and needles, except to try to pull them out.

Because of lies told to Danum Doctors on-call service, they were content to prescribe Terminal Care, for the first time to a patient whom they had never met. They were told, by Nina Anne Clayton, that he was 'terminally ill - getting worse'. Dr Kevin Lee of Danum Doctors reports this on his original record, of the telephone call which he had with Nina Anne Clayton, (who then called herself Mrs Winstanley, (see original docs and Dr Lee's letter of 18th May 2004, on http://rwinstanley.blogspot.com/2006/02/proof-of-murder.html).

He also states in his letter of 18th May 2004:

"..and heard from Mrs Winstanley that her husband who was suffering from multiple terminal pathologies including Chronic Leukaemia, heart failure, stomach nodules and low protein.."

No doctor saw Ralph Winstanley until he had been flooded with Diamorphine, Haloperidol and Midazolam for more than 24 hours. Dr Rachel S Sykes, the doctor who saw him at that point, decided that because he was trying to pull out the syringe-driver needles, he had 'terminal agitation'. But he had told her and the nurses that he had no pain, so why force him to have 'pain relief' for pain which he stated he did not have?

I believe that the Report reporduced below was produced by a Charlatan, who in spite of his qualifications, has not the faintest idea of the facts of my father's death. This Report skews the facts and slithers the information. If it really was produced - rather than just signed with out reading - by Professor Illidge, then I fear for those over whom he has control.

Professor Illidge's Report

1. Title page

2. Introduction

3. Summary & Conclusion

4. Interpretation of Documentation




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