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Why did they need to get rid of him?
Tuesday, May 02, 2006
  Chief Manniken - South Yorkshire Police


So he was certainly in charge on 23rd April 2004, when my father Ralph Winstanley was being murdered by Nina Anne Clayton and her daughter, Rosemary Alice Cheesman, using the full resources of three NHS Trusts.

Two of his Police Officers were used that day as a private army against my sister and I.

Meredydd Hughes is aware of that, yet he has refused to do anything about it.

Two more of his Police Officers, whom I had called, in a desperate attempt to stop the murder, allowed vital evidence to be removed from the scene, where it was significantly altered.

They also watched as evidence was destroyed

Since that time, he has consistently refused to investigate my father’s murder. His Assistant Chief Constable, Ian Daines, informed concerned outsiders that my father’s death had been investigated. That was a lie.

My family has supplied South Yorkshire Police Force – and Meredydd Hughes personally – with a great deal of clear, unambiguous documentary evidence to show exactly what happened, why my father was murdered and who had him murdered. That is the depth to which South Yorkshire Police Force has sunk.

At the Fourth Annual Portal lecture, as honoured guest, Meredydd Hughes decided to speak on:

“South Yorkshire Police and Criminal Justice in a Changing Environment”

I believe he knows very little about Justice – and cares less. I also believe that his Police Force, working as it does, against the Law of the Land is deliberately perverting the course of justice – and taking our money to do it.

The Coroner and the Senior Police Officer in any area, can ask for a police investigation. That is what the Home Office says. Detective Superintendent, Robert Haworth, the Senior Non-Investigating officer who has been sitting on the documents which prove that my father was murdered, states:

“It is not the policy of South Yorkshire Police Force, to investigate any suspicious death, unless the Coroner asks it to.”

Meredydd Hughes claims that his Police area has half as many murders as the rest of the country. (see: http://southyorks.police.uk/news/successstorydetails.php?id=50 )
It occurs to me, that if murders are never investigated, the Force could certainly make that claim. But is that really why we pay them?

For an accurate representation of South Yorkshire Police Force, do visit the web page, which carries the thoughts of Meredydd Hughes and his so-called Police.


and click the link, “ The Boys in Blue” There is also proof of murder on the site.

During the time that my father’s murder has not been investigated by Meredydd Hughes and his rag-tag Force:

1 a South Yorkshire Police Driving Instructor admitted to Loughborough Magistrates that he had driven at 112 mph – because he was late and his girlfriend wanted to get home to sleep.

2 Meredydd Hughes, ‘Speed Czar’ for the country, has been caught speeding twice – once by his own force. No figures were given out publicly - so we're not sure what speed he was doing.

3 I have been assaulted by one of his officers, who acts as a Coroner’s Officer in Doncaster. I was also assaulted by the Doncaster Coroner.

4 He has allowed his Police Officers to be used as a threat against me, at Public Meetings run by South Yorkshire Strategic Health Authority, (which I did not disrupt), wasting both Police time and resources, against a 60 year old woman who has threatened nobody – with anything except the truth.

5 His Assistant Chief Constable, Stephen Chamberlain forced me to leave a Police Authority Meeting in Barnsley, which is billed as a meeting which the public can attend, when I was neither disrupting that meeting nor was the meeting yet due to begin. I was speaking to some of the members.

I believe that it is now time that Meredydd Hughes is sacked, for both fraud and perverting the course of justice.

We employ Police Officers, to keep us safe; not to act as a private army
not to lie and cheat and threaten, not to refuse to investigate obvious and provable murders. I feel that this bunch is an utter disgrace to the uniform; and a disservice to other honest hard-working Police Officers

The Police Force in South Yorkshire is acting out of hand. Its own Police Authority is refusing to do the duty, which the Home Office - and the general public - expects. Its members have been made fully aware that my father Ralph Winstanley was murdered in his bed, and that Meredydd Hughes, and prior to him Mike Hedges, have refused to investigate that murder. I feel it’s time to be rid of them.


27th April 2006 - Stoddart Hall, Hallam University

I went to the meeting where Meredydd Hughes was speaking about Justice. Including the honoured guest and the Acting Pro-Vice Chancellor, there were no more than 30 odd people in the audience; mostly it seemed, police members. In a lecture theatre which could have held 200, we were a tiny number.

He spoke - badly - for about 40 minutes. He cracked weak jokes - as if aiming sadly wide of the comedic mark. He fielded questions which did not necessarily include giving answers to those questions.

I asked him about South Yorkshire Police policy of not investigating suspicious deaths unless the Coroner asks it to; and how that sat, with his proud boast that there are less than half the murders in South Yorkshire than in the rest of he country. His answer was indistinguisable from nothing.

What else did I expect?

He had his photograph taken - with most of the audience - at the end. I didn't stay to witness the flash. I felt it would have been not showy enough to lift the gloom of the room.

I remain Ralph Winstanley's daughter - still seeking justice. 

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